Computers in Biology and Medicine V 17 I 1

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 17, Issue 1, Pages 1-69 (1987)

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On using a self-tuning controller for blood pressure regulation during
surgery in man
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1-18
   R.K. Millard, P. Hutton, E. Pereira, C. Prys-Roberts

Diagnosis of acute abdominal pain using a three-stage classifier
   Original Research Article
   Pages 19-27
   Marek W. Kurzynski

Multivariate analysis of data from two-dimensional electrophoretic
separation of macromolecules
   Original Research Article
   Pages 29-35
   P.H. Fewster, D.B. Walden

Computer program for the parametric and nonparametric comparison of
several groups to a control
   Original Research Article
   Pages 37-44
   William D. Blaker

A subroutine for rounding of numbers. Program in BASIC and for
programmable calculators
   Original Research Article
   Pages 45-51
   Uffe A. Brodthagen

A microcomputer program for fitting enzyme inhibition rate equations
   Original Research Article
   Pages 53-67
   Enrique G. Oestreicher, Gerson F. Pinto

Eighteenth annual Pittsburgh conference on modeling and simulation : To
be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on 23-24 April 1987
   Page 69

Twenty-eighth national student research forum : To be held in Galveston,
Texas, on 22-24 April 1987
   Page 69

Software survey section
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