Computers in Biology and Medicine V 15 I 6

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 15, Issue 6, Pages 355-421 (1985)

List of contents and author index
   Pages iii-vii

A computer program for the interpretation of hemodynamic pressures
   Original Research Article
   Pages 355-359
   Philip L. Schiffman

Visualization of the coronary microcirculation using digital image
   Original Research Article
   Pages 361-371,373-374
   Arthur B. Ritter, Wolfgang Braun, Alan Stein, Walter Durán

Preparation of concentrated solutions of some common solutes by means of
calculated molalities
   Original Research Article
   Pages 375-379
   Ronald G. Duggleby

Analysis of the online order entry process in an integrated hospital
information system
   Original Research Article
   Pages 381-393
   Hisakazu Ogura, Etsuro Sagara, Koji Yamamoto, Hiroshi Furutani,

Call for papers
   Page 395
   Robert S. Ledley

A complete system for barcode generation on the HP-41CX hand-held
computer using a standard thermal printer
   Original Research Article
   Pages 397-421
   R.P.C. Rodgers

Software survey section
   Pages I-VIII