Computers in Biology and Medicine V 15 I 5

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 15, Issue 5, Pages 239-353 (1985)

A mathematical model to quantitate histamine release from basophils
challenged in vitro with insect venom
   Original Research Article
   Pages 239-246
   James A. Hokanson, J.Andrew Grant, Michael Lett-Brown, R.Allen White

ITA, a portable program for the interactive analysis of data from tracer
   Original Research Article
   Pages 247-257
   R. Wootton, K. Ashley

A computer simulation of the electrophoretic separation and detection of
the isozymes of creatine kinase
   Original Research Article
   Pages 259-267
   Kenneth L. Marsh, Steven H. Grossman

Computerized calculation of in vitro generation of ATP and creatine
phosphate induced by respiration in human muscle mitochondria
   Original Research Article
   Pages 269-277
   Johan C. Fischer, Wim Ruitenbeek, Ad M. Stadhouders, J.M.Frans

A computer-based data acquisition system for breathing and exercise
entrainment studies
   Original Research Article
   Pages 279-285
   B.E. Parker Jr., J.M. Adams, A.R. Hill

On the solution of equations for renal counterflow models
   Original Research Article
   Pages 287-295
   R.P. Tewarson, J.L. Stephenson, M. Garcia, Y. Zhang

Computerized EEG pattern classification by adaptive segmentation and
probability-density-function classification. Description of the method
   Original Research Article
   Pages 297-313
   G. Bodenstein, W. Schneider, C.V.D. Malsburg

CADIAG: Approaches to computer-assisted medical diagnosis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 315-335
   Klaus-Peter Adlassnig, Gernot Kolarz, Werner Scheithauer, Harald

A new EDP assisted dietary survey employing a simple and concise data
collection method
   Original Research Article
   Pages 337-351
   P. Cok, B. de Bernard, M.P. Francescato

   Page 353

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