Computers in Biology and Medicine V 15 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 15, Issue 4, Pages 161-237 (1985)

Answer justification in medical decision support systems based on
Bayesian classification
   Original Research Article
   Pages 161-167
   James A. Reggia, Barry T. Perricone

Using a microcomputer and video camera to simultaneously track 25
   Original Research Article
   Pages 169-175
   David B. Dusenbery

A time-lapse, image digitization videomicroscope system based on a mini
computer with large peripheral memory
   Original Research Article
   Pages 177-183,185
   Thomas A. Turano, Peter D'Arpa, William L. Clark, Jerry R. Williams

Computer-aided rhinometry: Analysis of inspiratory and expiratory nasal
pressure-flow curves in subjects with rhinitis
   Original Research Article
   Pages 187-195
   Michael J. Schumacher, John A. Gaines, Bruce Bescript

On line determination of airway resistance by plethysmography and
   Original Research Article
   Pages 197-203
   A.M. Lorino, H. Lorino, C. Mariette, G. Pelle, A. Harf, G. Atlan

Call for papers
   Page 205
   Robert S. Ledley

FILEMAN41C--An interactive data management system for biomedical data
selected from a free definable file by a pocket calculator
   Original Research Article
   Pages 207-224
   Rik Folkerts, Nicolaus Dahlmann

Pocket calculator program of one-way analysis of variance
   Original Research Article
   Pages 225-235
   Istvan Mizsei

Computers in biology fifth annual Notre Dame short course series : To be
held at the University of Noter Dame, 4-9 August 1985
   Page 237

Frontiers of engineering and computing in health care : To be held in
Chicago, 28-30 September 1985
   Page 237

Ninth annual symposium on computer applications in medical care (SCAMC)
: To be held in Baltimore, 10-13 November 1985
   Page 237

Third International Conference on measurement in clinical medicine : To
be held in Edinburgh, 9-11 September 1986
   Page 237

Editorial: Software survey section
   Pages I-IV