Computers in Biology and Medicine V 15 I 1

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 15, Issue 1, Pages 1-59 (1985)

Editorial Board
   Page IFC

Establishing a medical research computer facility
   Original Research Article
   Pages 1-9
   David A. Greenberg, Stephen C. Woods

An expert system for information on pharmacology and drug interactions
   Original Research Article
   Pages 11-23
   John Roach, Saiyuen Lee, Jeff Wilcke, Marion Ehrich

An outcome-coded birth file from machine readable vital records
   Original Research Article
   Pages 25-39
   Stephen Holland, Richard J. David

A pocket computer program for common calculations in clinical pediatrics
   Original Research Article
   Pages 41-55
   Charles F. Milazzo

Second international summer school on mathematical modeling in
physiology and clinical medicine
   Page 57

Conference on computing in critical care PDMS users group annual meeting
   Page 57

Computing and statistics in patient care in nephrology
   Pages 57-58

Ccombined meeting of XIV international conference on medical and
biological engineering and VII international conference on medical physics
   Page 58

   Page 59

Editorial: Software survey section
   Pages I,III-IV