Computers in Biology and Medicine V 13 I 2

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 13, Issue 2, Pages 81-149 (1983)

Cone beam convolution formula
   Original Research Article
   Pages 81-87
   Bruce D. Smith

Tri-axial ellipsoids as models for macromolecules in solution:
Procedures for numerical inversion of the shape functions leading to a stable

   Original Research Article
   Pages 89-97

Measuring patient attitudes in a comprehensive health care setting
   Original Research Article
   Pages 99-124
   Dennis R. Leyden

Rapid and accurate determination of total lung capacity (TLC) from
routine chest radiograms using a programmable hand-held calculator
   Original Research Article
   Pages 125-140
   R.P. Channing Rodgers, Richard Tannen

Rc-element analysis for low-pass filter and analog differentiator
circuits using a programmable calculator
   Original Research Article
   Pages 141-147
   Dietmar Möller

AAAS Annual Meeting
   Page 149

Mumps Users' Group
   Page 149

Eventh European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research
   Page 149

Third International Conference on Systems Science in Health Care
   Page 149