Computers in Biology and Medicine V 10 I 4

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 10, Issue 4, Pages 179-245 (1980)

List of contents and author index
   Pages iii-iv

Generation of temperature profiles for elements of the human body
   Original Research Article
   Pages 179-188
   P. Smith, E.H. Twizell

A computer method for cardiac radionuclide kymography
   Original Research Article
   Pages 189-198
   Paul H. Murphy, Mark L. Moore, John A. Burdine, Mark W. Groch

A unique, versatile, real-time software package for controlling a
Nicolet 1074 averager from a laboratory minicomputer
   Original Research Article
   Pages 199-208
   Harold H. Shlevin

Human chromosome classification using discriminant analysis and Bayesian
   Original Research Article
   Pages 209-218
   Robert S. Ledley, Paul S. Ing, Herbert A. Lubs

An interactive, microcomputer-based karyotype analysis system for
phylogenetic cytotaxonomy
   Original Research Article
   Pages 219-227
   David M. Green, James P. Bogart, E.H. Anthony, D.L. Genner

Anthandbone--A program for following the growth of children by
comparison with standards
   Original Research Article
   Pages 229-235
   B.S. Carter

A necessary and sufficient condition of global structural
identifiability of compartmental models
   Original Research Article
   Pages 237-242
   B.C. Gargash, D.P. Mital

Flow-cytometry and sorting: M.R. Melamed, P.F. Mullaney and M.L.
   Page 243

Lecture notes in medical informatics: Edited by D.A.B. Lindberg and P.L.
Reichertz. Springer, Berlin
   Page 243

(5) Medical informatics Berlin 1979: Edited by B. Barber, F. Gremy, K.
Uberla and G. Wagner. Springer, Berlin
   Page 243

Poetic bits and bytes
   Page 245