Computers in Biology and Medicine V 1 I 2

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 1, Issue 2, Pages 93-179 (December 1970)

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   Pages 93-95
   Robert S. Ledley

A model of visual pre-processing in the retina of the cat
   Original Research Article
   Pages 97-116
   P.I. Zorkoczy

Computer simulation of biological pattern generation by purely local
interactions: Lobed and smooth boundaries
   Original Research Article
   Pages 117-123
   Dan Cohen, Gavriela Eilam

Development of a computer technique for the on-line processing of
respiratory variables
   Original Research Article
   Pages 125-131
   David Cardus, Lawrence Newton

The analog computer as a teaching aid in medical practice and research
   Original Research Article
   Pages 133-140
   Julia T. Apter

Simulation of water movement across the cell membrane in a hypertonic
   Original Research Article
   Pages 141-153
   S.K. Devi, R. Moore, N. Davids, A.F. Findeis, R.L. Berger

Some recent statistical methods for biomedical research
   Original Research Article
   Pages 155-163
   S.K. Katti, Iris Moore

Biomedical sciences instrumentation: Edited by F. Deaver Thomas and
Ernest E. Sellers, Vol. 6 (featuring Imagery in Medicine), 285 pages, price

   Pages 165-171
   George C. Cheng

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   Pages 173-177

   Page 179