Computers in Biology and Medicine V 1 I 1

Computers in Biology and Medicine
Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 1-92 (August 1970)

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   Pages 1-4
   Robert S. Ledley

MASSPEC: A computer program for complete sequence analysis of large
proteins from mass spectrometry data of a single sample
   Original Research Article
   Pages 5-28
   Margaret O. Dayhoff, Richard V. Eck

Use of hybrid computers to analyze behavior of detailed models for
biological systems--I: Model for aortic blood flow
   Original Research Article
   Pages 29-40
   F. Morehouse, J.T. Apter, L. Amiot

Computers in cephalometric research
   Original Research Article
   Pages 41-49
   Beni Solow

A unified numerical analysis method for calculating dynamic wall-stress
effects in pulsatile flow
   Original Research Article
   Pages 51-58
   N. Davids

Discrete formulation and error minimization in applying the
integro-differential equation approach to mono-compartment data
   Original Research Article
   Pages 59-74
   Hiram E Hart, James H Sondheimer

Information support systems for experimental investigation
   Original Research Article
   Pages 75-86
   R.F. Walters, K.P. Brin, F. Roth, J.T. Morrison, C.R.G. Renoud

B.M.A. planning unit report no. 3 computers in medicine
   Page 87
   D.E. Clark

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   Pages 89-92