Alex Borgida
Department of Computer Science
Rutgers University
Piscataway, NJ 08855 ,  USA 
Phone (for leaving messages): (848) 445 8315
Fax: (848) 445-0537

Email: borgida @ cs . rutgers . edu

Office: CoRE 315

Office hours: Thursday 1:15pm to 2:45pm BUT because my office has been flooded and is uninhabitable for a long time, and so few people show up, please alert me by email by the morning that you will be coming. In general, I am however available to meet many times via email, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

All smart and beautiful - how did I get so lucky?.

  • General: Improved software  development techniques, in areas involving databases or requirements engineering. Since such systems maintain models of some (users' beliefs about) reality, my approach is often based on the use of knowledge representation and reasoning techniques/logics. As a result, I sometime contribute to KR&R research to achieve my goals. (In fact, see here , under Awards :-) )
  • Current: Description Logics: import/modularization; similarity; modeling actions, goals, relationships; referring expressions. Conceptual modeling. Ontological foundations of  qualities & measurements. Requirements Engineering Languages.





  • 198:336 Information and Data Management
  • 198:431 Software Engineering
  • 198:205 Discrete Structures
  • 198:541 Data and Information Management
  • 198:532 Foundations of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • 198:672 Conceptual Modeling and Ontologies 
  • xxx:275 Prolog(ue) to Artificial Intelligence Honors Seminar for students not familiar with programming.

PhD's (co*)ADVISED

  • William Cohen . Machine Learning. Full Professor,  Carnegie Mellon University.  (Formerly at Bell Labs)
  • Prem Devanbu  .  Software Engineering. Full Professor, UC Davis. (Formerly at Bell Labs)
  • Deborah McGuinness. Semantic Web Tetherless World Senior Constellation ProfessorRensealler Polytechnic Institute (Formerly Stanford Knowledge Systems Lab and Bell Labs)
  • Mukesh Dalal. Serial enterpreneur, currently at BEA Systems. (Formerly at Columbia University)
  • Yuan An* (U.Toronto). Semantic technologies, and medical informatics. Associate Professor, Drexel University.
  • Lei Jiang*  (U.Toronto) Data quality. Government of Canada
  • Neil Ernst* (U. Toronto). Software Engineering. Assistant Professor, University of Victoria, Canada. (Formerly at CMU Software Engineering Institute)

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