Biglars Python Resources


Learning Python

Python  - The main Python page.  A good portal for all things Python and the place to get software

EDU-SIG: Python in Education - Special Interest group for Education


Learn Python The Hard Way - Great site to begin learning Python with and it's free online

Online Python Tutor - An online program visualization tool.  Type in Python code and execute it step by step.


Python Methodologies for Data Science - a link to the resource page for my course on Python

Project Euler - Project Euler is a series of challenging mathematical/computer programming problems, hint: num theory helps...



Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science - John Zelle's book is the only book I would ever have a student spend $$ on.  It's a CS book, a Python book and more...

The Whole battery of O'Reilly goodness - Good books to have around and tinker with.  Grab them if you see them laying around but don't spend tons of $$ on books pleez

Think Python - The Computer Science Python Book.  If you don't use Zelle, use this... Free online

Thinking Stats - Free online book that implements stats in Python.  Great if you're in grad school

Think Complexity - Free online book that looks at Algorithms and Data Structures 

Python in Education - Reasons why Python is ideal for Educational purposes.  Free PDF, just grab it.



Pygame - Main page for the Python Pygame modules for 2d Games

Making Games with Pygame - Many Gaming and Python books by Sweigart here, Making Games is more for the Pygameheads out there 

Program Arcade Games with Pygame and Python - PVC gets it right!  Great site.

Learn to Program with Minecraft - Great book that ties Minecraft and learning Python together



Python as a First Language - Zelle 1999

Teaching Computer Science with Python - PPT from Zelle's SIGCSE 2004 presentation.