Lars Sorensen

  Lars is the head of Student Computing for the Department of Computer Science at Rutgers University.  He does research on Computer Science Education topics and manages the CAVE, a collaborative instructional computer lab he built for the Rutgers Computer Science Department in 2010.  He is a founding member of CSERG, the Computer Science Education Research Group at Rutgers University, where research and outreach efforts work to improve Computer Science education at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels.  In 2013, Lars organized and ran CSUGS, the Computer Science Unofficial Gaming Seminar, where talented undergrads came together to learn video game design and rapid prototyping in order to create their own video games. This led to the creation of COGS, the Creation of Games Society at Rutgers University.


   Lars is a member of the Central New Jersey CSTA chapter, where he acts as Rutgers University's CSTA Liaison.  He is also one of the organizers of the Computer Science Outreach group's annual High School (and Middle School) Computer Science teacher conference.  Lars also works with the Computer Science Cognition group and RUBIC, Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center on several research projects as well.  This semester (Summer 2017) he is teaching Python Methodologies (16:137:552) at the Graduate School of New Brunswick.


  Lars Sorensen holds degrees in Computer Science and Psychology and is currently working towards his PhD in Educational Psychology with a research focus on Epistemic Cognition as well as Gaming and Education. He enjoys reading books and comics when he should be studying, playing video games and watching movies (It's part of his research!), playing basketball, riding his bike and watching too much football, hockey and NCAA basketball.


Member of:  ACM, SIGCSE, CSS, and CSTA

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