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Unit 1 - Beginnings

Slides -  Unit 1 Slides 

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Unit 1  -  Hello World, Variables, First Program, Simple Arithmetic, Assignment, Strings, Input, Casting, Swapping Variables

               A Simple Change Program, Some examples from the slides using if-then and complex conditionals

               Arithmetic conditionals, Booleans, More if-then-else, Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT), elif


Unit 2 - Sequences and Loops

Slides - Unit 2 Slides

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Unit 2 - Strings, len, Indexes, Slicing, String Methods, Lists, Mutability of Lists, Print function parameters

                Loops, Iteration, Indenting, Blocks, Range Function, Solving a small problem with Lists and Loops, Counters,
             Accumulators, Nested Loops, While Loops, Sentinel Loops, Break, Interactive Loops

                An Introduction to Project Euler, Solving Project Euler #6 with Loops, Make the Program Interactive



Unit 3 - Functions, File I/O, Modularity

Slides - Unit 3 Slides

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Unit 3 -  Built in functions, Anatomy of a function, def keyword, arguments, retrun values, scope, fruitful vs void,
                tracing a crazy function, revisiting Euler 6 with functions

                File I/O, What is a file?, opening files, reading data, closing files, cleaning your data, reading files line by
             line w "with-as', output files, writing to files, pickling

                Modularity, Python Standard Libraries, Import, From, Math Library, sqrt, ceil, floor, Statistics Library,
                custom libraries,, Palindrome Detector, Constants, More data cleaning, the keys and whys to modularity


Unit 4 - Computer Science Topics - Sorting, Searching, Recursion, Big O

Slides - Unit 4 Slides

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Unit 4 - Sorting, Story of Sorting, Different Sorts, Sorting Lists, Why do I care?,
Searching, Binary Search, Linear Search, Lets code it all up, Big O, Algorithm Efficiency

Recursion - What is Recursion?, Summing, Factorial, Multiplication,
An alarmingly childish but effective diagram, Why Recursion?


Unit 5 - Object Orientation

Slides - Unit 5 Slides

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Unit 5 - OOP, What is OOP?, classes, lets do some live coding,
a banking account class, constructors, dunders, methods, self, instance variables,
+= add to what exists, getters and setters, lets run the code, instantiation, an error!!,
use your savings account, trace through some code, wrap it all up

More OOP, Review of classes, the Animal class, Fat ole Fred,
trace through the code, the Cat class, Inheritance, Super classes,
overiding methods, a Cat demo, trace through the Cat code, the speak method,
polymorphism, no overloading in Python, Foreshadowing and a wrap up


PMDS - 2017 - Lars Sorensen