Regular journals are fast becoming obsolete. In a rapidly changing field like mobile computing, a turnover time of one year or more is totally unacceptable. Consequently, regular journals are losing significance. The only reason to submit a paper to a journal is to be able to add the publication to the c.v, and not to disseminate information. In fact, fewer and fewer people are reading journals since usually they have quicker electronic access to the paper through ftp etc. New ideas which exploit current technology are needed. Here is one which we would like to try out.

We propose creating an Interactive Journal of Mobile Computing to provide timely dissemination of results in this new and rapidly expanding research area. We have set it up as WWW server, with a list of pointers to new papers in this area. The papers will be NOT BE FORMALLY REVIEWED but each submission will have a "comments box" which will contain correspondence and critical comments about the paper by electronic readers. The comments box can be made public or be kept private for the author. The determination of relevance of the paper to the field will need to be made by the Journal Keepers before "publishing" it in the journal. The journal will not store the papers locally but only provide links to the sites where authors store the papers. It is up to the author whether s/he intends to keep the link to the paper after it is published in a regular journal. However, even in such a case, the text of the paper could be replaced with a reference to that regular journal, leaving an abstract and a comment box still linked to the Mobidata Journal. Therefore, typically, the paper's text will be included in the journal until the paper is published in a regular journal and then the author(s) can decide whether to keep the paper in the Mobidata Journal (analogous to providing access to published papers via anonymous ftp) or just leave the reference/comment box.

The journal will be organized into regular volumes just as regular journals so one can refer to it in publications. We are also planning to provide browsing tools based on subject etc.

This is an experiment. We plan to start with some of our own papers and some of the papers presented in the Mobidata workshop.

Hopefully, the journal will be helpful for researchers in the field who will not have to search through individual home pages.


Researchers as well as Practitioners (look at Industry Track)


Generally any software papers dealing with mobile and wireless environments. Thus, we are not interested in strictly physical layer/"radio link" papers. But if there is a software component, then we will be more than happy to put it on-line. Example areas include but are not limited to:

Additionally, we would like to have a INDUSTRY track which will publish news briefs in rapidly changing PCS industry, system and testbed descriptions.


There is no official editor since the whole idea is to minimize the editing role. The position of a Journal Keeper is to make sure that papers are relevant and that the software works properly. Currently, the Journal Keepers are:
  1. Tomasz Imielinski (
  2. Arup Acharya (
But you DO NOT submit papers to us but rather proceed through the automatic procedure via the Mobidata cover page. However, if you have questions you can e-mail us directly.

The URL of the Mobidata Journal is is 
The submission procedure is described there together with the proper submission form which is available through Mosaic as well.

After determination that the paper is indeed relevant, we provide LINKs to the author's paper. We will NOT store the copy of the original paper at our site. In this way the papers can "evolve" if the authors add new material.


Paper published in Mobidata can be published anywhere. Keeping the paper in Mobidata after it has been published somewhere else is up to the author. S/he can always leave just a reference to the regular journal but still provide an abstract and keep a comment box. Thus, the journal will be an evolving mixture of papers and bibliographical references.


Review Authoring Tool
Here are a few ideas which we would like to incorporate in the future. We are working on a software tool to attach comments to the paper in a user friendly way. This "review authoring tool" will be available throuh our DATAMAN home page and hopefully be useful for those who wish to start similar journals..
An Hour with the Author
We would like to propose the concept of authors' "office hours". The "hour with the author" will be in the future provided as a teleconference on MBONE with the ability to display the paper and simultaneously refer to it while discussing its specific content with the author.
Talks can be published as well in a similar way as papers. It could be just audio, or audio which is synchronized with transparencies, or finally a video of author's presentation.
We plan to have a "Demo Corner" in which people can provide links to software running demos, animations and simulations.

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