Badri Nath



 If Software is eating the world then networking is enabling it

1.    Current Research

1.    Conversational web

2.    Using ML for  Data gathering

3.    Learning system configuration parameters using ML


  1. Oft cited  papers in wireless Acc to citeseer
  2. Protocols Developed
    1. APS (DV-hop)
    2. I_TCP, M-RPC, MRSVP
    3. Transformer tunnels



  1. Academic Index : Google Scholar h-index (list of computer
     scientists with h-index greater than 40


Three test of time awards 

1.     Test of time award (SIGMOBILE) 2016 for the paper I-TCP: Indirect TCP for mobile hosts

    1.   TEST OF TIME AWARD (INFOCOM 2015) for the paper APS using AOA published in Infocom 2003

1.     Pictures of the Award ceremony ; Award, Award , Citation

    1.  10 Year VLDB Best Paper Award  (VLDB 2002) for the  paper Querying in highly distributed mobile environments
      1. See Pictures of the award ceremony


Teaching Awards

1.     Excellence in Teaching Award (2010)  Awarded by  CSGSS.

2.      Professor of  the year award for best teaching (1995) Awarded by CSGSS


UMASS, Amherst,  Computer Science Department  OAA Award  for outstanding achievement in research,  April 2016




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Associate Editor, ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks



Core 320






Ph.D., Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst


Award papers: HPSR 2003, VLDB 2002(ten-year best paper award) Excellence in teaching award (2010),  Professor of the year award 1995.

My primary research interests are in the intersection of  networking, messaging and economics. I am particularly interested in the area  of networking personal devices  and curating information from  “things”

Undergraduate Research Experience



  • Teaching:
    Current course :CS 352: Intro to Internet technology (FALL 2018)
  • See what students have to say about the courses I have taught .                                     

Evaluation for the latest course: 

1.    CS552  Computer Networks (Spring 2017) Student Evaluation   NEW

2.    CS352  Intro to Internet Technology (Fall 2014) Student Evaluation

Previous year courses:

1.     CS552 Computer Networks (FALL 2013)  Student evaluations

2.     CS552  Computer Networks (Spring 13)  Student Evaluations 

3.     CS352  (Fall 2014) Student Evaluations

4.      CS352  (Fall 2011) Student Evaluations     

5.      CS552   (Spring 11)  Student evaluations

6.     CS552   (Spring 10)  Student evaluations   

CS 211,CS 553, CS352,CS552,CS519, CS416,CS111