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If Software is eating the world then networking is enabling it

Dr. Badri Nath is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science here at Rutgers University.

  • Office : Core 320
  • Phone : 848-445-8320/848-445-0537
  • Email :
  • Website : htpp:/
  • Education : Ph.D., Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Awards : Award papers: HPSR 2003, VLDB 2002(ten-year best paper award) Excellence in teaching award (2010), Professor of the year award 1995.

About Badri

His research interests are in the area of sensor computing and large scale non-traditional (inventory, vehicular and home) networks. Current projects explore research issues in manageability and dependability of sensor networks, mobile and wireless networks. His current interest is on developing a robust information architecture for sensor networks to enable actuations. Professor Badri Nath received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a M.E. from the Indian Institute of Science (School of Automation). He is the recipient of the best paper award at HPSR(2003), the ten year best paper award at VLDB (2002) and professor of the year award for best teaching (1995).



Ph.D., Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst

My primary research interests are in the intersection of networking, messaging and economics. I am particularly interested in the area of networking personal devices and curating information from things Undergraduate Research Experience


Bangalore University



Indian Institute of Science

ME, Computer Science


Current Course: CS 522: Computer Networks (SPRING 2018)

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Evaluation for the latest course:

  1. • CS552 Computer Networks (Spring 2015) Student Evaluation (NEW)
  2. • CS352 Intro to Internet Technology (Fall 2014) Student Evaluation

Previous year courses:

  1. • CS552 Computer Networks (FALL 2013) Student evaluations
  2. • CS552 Computer Networks (Spring 13) Student Evaluations
  3. • CS352 (Fall 2014) Student Evaluations
  4. • CS352 (Fall 2011) Student Evaluations
  5. • CS552 (Spring 11) Student evaluations
  6. • CS552 (Spring 10) Student evaluations

CS 211, CS 553, CS352, CS552, CS519, CS416,CS111


In the Media

Awards & Distinctions

Current Research

  1. • Conversational web
  2. • System support for conversations, bot dynamics and analytics

Protocols Developed

  1. • APS (DV-hop)
  2. • I_TCP, M-RPC, MRSVP
  3. • Transformer tunnels


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