DATAMAN Lab Configuration

The DATAMAN lab is a part of Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University. The description of hardware equipment and the software being used for research in Mobile Computing is given below:


We use 386/486 PC-ATs running at 33 MHz for wireless base stations. These machines are connected to the Rutgers LCSR network via Ethernet. These machines are also equipped with 2 Mbps NCR Wavelan-AT cards for wireless communication. Wavelan is an indoor wireless LAN which uses spread spectrum technology in the 900MHz ISM band. CSMA/CA is used for the Media Access protocol which provides Ethernet like interface to the higher layers. The range for Wavelan radio transmission is between 100-800 ft depending upon the office environment. We currently have three base stations with overlapping reception areas although non-overlapped cells can be simulated by configuring each base station to use different MAC layer network ID for radio transmission.

The mobile hosts currently have two different configurations. One type is HP Vectra 486 PC-ATs running at 66 MHz which do not have any Ethernet (wired network) connection. These use Wavelan-AT cards to communicate with other mobile hosts and base station that are within the hearing distance. The other type is Toshiba T1950 series 486 laptops running at 40 Mhz. These use PCMCIA Wavelan cards for wireless communication which are similar in operation to the Wavelan-AT cards. The laptops do not have any Ethernet connection either.

Operating System

All the mobile hosts (MHs) and the base stations or the Mobile Support Routers (MSRs) run Mach 3.0 micro kernel (MK84) and UX server (UX40) which is similar to 4.3 BSD Tahoe release. The MSRs use Mobile IP protocol from Columbia University to provide a virtual mobile subnet consisting of multiple cells so that the MHs can move across these wireless cells without having to change their IP address. The MSRs and the MHs also run the msrmicp and mhmicp programs respectively which take care of beaconing and registration (Mobile Internetworking Control Protocol) for Mobile IP.

Last modified: August 1, 1996
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