Course Syllabus

Sections 1 and 2


Prof. Badri Nath

   Room 320 CoRE building 

   Phone: 848 445 8320


   Home Page: 


Course Objectives

To convey a thorough understanding of the basics of an operating  system by studying techniques
 and algorithms for providing services in a  computer system, and to understand the
 implementation aspects of popular operating systems by examining case studies



Operating System Structure. Computer organization. Process management,  threads, 
concurrency and synchronization. Scheduling. Memory management, virtual memory.  
I/O management. File systems, implementation and management. Protection  and security. 
Case studies of UNIX, VMM.


Computer Architecture(CS 211) ,  Systems Programming (214) 

Expected Work

Students are expected to attend all lectures and perform all reading assignments prior to lecture. Students are also expected to attend all

recitation section meetings. Students will be evaluated according to their performance on several course activities: quizzes, programming assignments,

mid-term examinations, and the final examination.

Short quizzes are not announced ahead of time and may be held at any time during the lecture period. The total number of quizzes has not been determined,

 but there will be at least four quizzes over the course of the semester. You will be allowed to drop your lowest quiz score from your final grade.

Programming assignments will be assigned, and students are required to complete them by the scheduled deadlines.

Two mid-term examinations are scheduled this semester, and both are held during regular lecture hours.

The final examination is held at the end of the semester and is scheduled according to the Rutgers undergraduate schedule of classes.

Course information on the web

Course home page:
Recitation section page:


Written  Homeworks  

  5% of grade

Midterm examination #1:

20% of grade



Programming assignment #1,#2,#3,#4:  

40% of grade

Final examination:

35% of grade

Important Dates


Midterm examination 1   Friday October  23  remote-online


Final examination  Wednesday   December 16  8-11 AM  remote-online

Policy on Missed Examinations and Quizzes

You must have a pressing reason (such as a conflicting exam in another course) to miss a scheduled mid-term or final examination. Make-up examinations may be taken if you have notified the professor at least two weeks prior to the original examination that you will not be able to attend. If you miss an examination due to an unforeseen emergency, you may take a make-up examination only after providing written documentation of an excuse that is acceptable to the professor.

There will be absolutely no make-up quizzes. If you are late for a quiz or miss a quiz for any reason, you will receive zero credit for it. Keep in mind that you will be allowed to drop your lowest quiz score from your final grade.

Required Textbooks

1.  Operating systems  Three Easy pieces Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau and Andrea Arpaci-Duseau (free online book 
You can also use any of the following 
1.  Operating System concepts / Essentials (second  edition)  Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne