CS 198:416 Operating Systems Design (FALL  2020)

This course is on understanding various aspects of modern operating systems.


Badri Nath

Office: 320 CORE, ph: 848 445-8320

email: badri@cs.rutgers.edu

Office Hours: Tuesday  11:00-1:00 and or by appointment.

Zoom  link sent over sakai



Time: Tuesday  and  Friday   8:40 to 10:00 AM
Location: Zoom

Sec 1 &3 MONDAY 5:15 -6:10 PM Zoom
Sec 2  MONDAY  3:35-4:30 Zoom

Teaching Assistant :
David Domingo  Office Location:CORE 246
Monday  Recitation 
Sec 1&3  
email : djd240@cs.rutgers.edu   
Office Hours:  3:30 to 5:30  PM Thursday at CORE 246  or by appt, over zoom


Teaching Assistant:
 Garg  Shaleen  Office
Monday  Recitation  Sec2  
email: shaleen.garg@rutgers.edu
Office Hours: Monday 10-11 AM or by apt or over zoom
Ph :

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