DIMACS/CS Light Seminar: Theoretical Computer Science
Spring 2007

Place:                   CoRE 431
Time:                   Wednesdays 11:00 -- 12:00 Noon
Contacts:               Joe Kilian, Peter Richter and Endre Szemerédi
Index number:     
198:500:06  ( 53665 )

See also the schedule for the MATH and CS seminar series. Data on previous semesters is also available.
NOTE to external speakers: Please see dimacs webpage for directions.

TITLE (link to abstracts)
January 24
Andrej Bogdanov
Hardness amplification for errorless heuristics

January 31
Martin Rötteler
On quantum algorithms for the graph isomorphism problem

February 7
Fengming Wang
Kolmogorov extraction

February 14
Arvid Bessen
Stoquastic MA and The Local Hamiltonian Problem

February 21
Venkatesan Guruswami
Lossless Expanders and Randomness Extractors from Parvaresh-Vardy Codes

February 28
Homin Lee
DNF are teachable in the average case

March 7
Emanuele Viola
New correlation bounds for GF(2) polynomials using the Gowers norm

March 14
No talk: Spring recess
March 21

No talk this week
March 28
Rocco Servedio

Every linear threshold function has a low-weight approximator
Held in CoRE A (CoRE 301) instead
April 4
Vladimir Trifonov
On the Correlation between Parity and Modular Polynomials

April 11
Lara Faoro
Toward scalable superconducting qubits
Held in CoRE A (CoRE 301) instead
April 18
Peter Richter
Quantum speedup of classical mixing processes
Held in CoRE A (CoRE 301) instead
April 26, 2pm

Van Vu
From smooth analysis to circular law: A journey via additive combinatorics
Held in Hill 705 instead (joint with Discrete Math Seminar). Note special day/time!
May 2
Allan Borodin
Simple algorithms for simple problems and why it isn't so simple
Last seminar this semester