DIMACS/CS Light Seminar: Theoretical Computer Science
Spring 2006

Place:                   Core 431.
Time:                   Tuesdays 2:00 -- 3:00 PM
Contact:               Eric Allender
Index number:     
198:500:01  ( 68988 )

See also the schedule for the MATH and CS seminar series. Data on previous semesters is also available.
NOTE to external speakers: Please see dimacs webpage for directions.

DIMACS CS Theory Light Seminar
TITLE (link to abstracts)
Jan 24
Balazs Szegedy
Group-theoretic Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication

Jan 25
Liam Roditty
Developments in Dynamic Graph Algorithms
Note Non-Standard Date and Location; 2:00 on Wednesday in Hill 482
Jan 31

Organizer is away at a conference
Feb 7
Eric Allender
Grid Graph Reachability Problems

Feb 14
Guy Kortsarz
Rare approximation ratios

Feb 21
Mario Szegedy
What are the languages that have bounded k-wise communication complexity?

Feb 28

Organizer is away at a conference
Mar 7
Paolo Ferragina
Compressing and indexing strings and labeled trees

Mar 14

No talk: Spring Break
Mar 21
Lisa Hellerstein
Minimization of DNF Formulas Given a Truth Table

Mar 28
Giovanni Di Crescenzo
Asynchronous Perfectly Secure Communication over One-Time Pads

Apr 4
Christian Sohler
Simple coresets for clustering problems
Note Non-Standard Location: CoRE 301 (CoRE A)
Apr 11
Chee Yap
Theory of Real Computation According to EGC

Apr 18
Ge (Frank) Xia
On the Subexponential Time (In)Computability of Some NP-hard problems

Apr 25

No talk, due to DIMACS Conference on Probabilistic Combinatorics & Algorithms: a Conference in Honor of Joel Spencer's 60th Birthday
May 2
Marius Zimand

Extractors via constructions of cryptographic pseudo-random generators
Last Seminar for Spring 06