198:509: Foundations of Computer Science

Meeting times and location: Mondays and Wednesdays in Beck Hall 252 (Livingston); 3:20--4:40

Professor Eric Allender

Phone: (848) 445-7296
FAX: (732) 445-0537

Email: allender@cs.rutgers.edu

Office: Hill 442
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Grader: Harsha Srimath Tirumala

The text for the class is: Theory of Computation by Dexter Kozen. It appears that the book is also available in electronic form. Here is information about errata in the textbook. Let me know about additional errors as you discover them. We will also augment with some material on Kolmogorov complexity, by Lance Fortnow.
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Rough Outline

Prerequisites:Graduate standing.

Expected Work: There will be one midterm and one (take-home) final. The midterm will be held in class. In addition, there will be homework every two or three lectures; this homework is a major consideration in assigning grades.