Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science

Rutgers, The State University of NJ

I build computer systems for datacenters, as well as systems to help advance the brain sciences. My research spans systems architectures and software for the cloud, brain-machine interfaces, and brain modeling applications.

My group's research has influenced the design of real-world systems. We invented coalesced TLBs, which are now implemented in AMD's Zen architecture. Our work on superpage migration is now in the Linux 4.14 kernel. We built the first POSIX-compliant GPU system call interface, now hosted under the Radeon Open Compute platform for ultrascale computing. We are also co-developers of the Psyneulink brain simulator for computational psychiatry.

I am a recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Faculty Excellence in Research at Rutgers and the CV Starr Fellowship at Princeton Neuroscience. I obtained my PhD from Princeton, where I was awarded the Gordon Wu Prize, and BEng from McGill, where I received the British Association Medal for graduating at the top of my class.

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