Abhishek Bhattacharjee

Assoc Prof, Rutgers Computer Science

Starr Fellow, Princeton Neuroscience

I build computer systems with my students, Guilherme Cox, Ján Veselý, Zi Yan, and Karthik Sriram. We design high-performance systems for datacenters and the cloud, as well as biomedical devices and brain modeling software to help treat neurological disorders and enhance human perception, behavior, and cognition.

My group has influenced the way virtual memory is implemented on modern computer systems. We are the inventors of coalesced TLBs, which AMD now implements on its Ryzen architecture. We have also proposed OS mechanisms for superpage management and have integrated them in the Linux 4.14 kernel series.

I am a recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Faculty Excellence in Research at Rutgers and the Starr Fellowship at Princeton Neuroscience. I obtained my PhD from Princeton, where I was awarded the Gordon Wu Prize, and BEng from McGill, where I was awarded the British Association Medal for graduating at the top of my class.

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