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Welcome New CS Undergraduate Students

At the department of Computer Science at Rutgers University, we strive for excellence in undergraduate education.  Our undergraduate program offers a solid foundation in software, systems and theory while offering elective courses in Artificial Intelligence, Internet Technologies, Databases, Graphics and more. We offer undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research and also provide students with newly designed collaborative computer labs and maker spaces. Undergraduates also have the opportunity to get involved with our many University CS affiliated clubs.  

Undergraduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences who wish to pursue a degree in Computer Science can begin taking courses immediately. First semester courses include Calculus (MTH151) and Introduction to Computer Science (CS111).  In your second semester you should look to take Calculus II (make sure it's MTH152, Calculus II for the sciences) and Data Structures (CS112).  Second year Computer Science students will have the prerequisites to take Discrete Mathematics (CS205) and Computer Architecture (CS211).  In the second semester of a second year CS students can take Discrete II (CS206) and begin to explore electives and tracks.  Linear Algebra (MTH250) and Algorithms (CS344) will round out the required courses for a Computer Science degree.

If you would like to see a Computer Science Advisor to plan for your path through the program our advising email address is here.  See our advising pages below.  Some of the additional resources below allow you to see class schedules, register to attend those classes using WebReg and use Degree Navigator, a site that allows you to check your progress against the requirements for your major. A full review of the Undergraduate Computer Science requirements is here.

Advising - Computer Science Advising Page.
Registration - WebReg course registration for Rutgers University students
Schedule of Classes - Computer Science courses schedules.  Remember, CS is subject 198!
Degree Navigator - Enter your RUID and see your transcript up against subject major requirements.
Academic Integrity - Students must follow the academic integrity rules.

 Explore the Computer Science department's course offerings and some of our facilities.  The Computer Science course map shows required courses and pre requisite relationshiops between those classes.  It's the roadmap to your CS degree.  Also, check out the CAVE, the Hackerspace and our instructional labs.  
The Computer Science course listings - A listing of course names, numbers and descriptions.
The Computer Science course map - The roadmap to attaining a Computer Science degree at Rutgers.
The CAVE and the Computer Science Instructional Labs - Informational pages about our CS lab facilities. 
The Hackerspace - Visit our department's very own makerspace.
Academic Integrity - Students must follow the academic integrity rules.

Opportunities and Communities for Women in Computer Science:
Douglass-SAS-DIMACS : Computer Science Living-Learning Community for Women
HackHers:  Empowering women at Rutger's HackHers Hackathon.
WiCS: Women in Computer Science.

Interested in research opportunities?  Visit our Computer Science faculty page to learn what professors are working in the areas you are.  If you see that you and a faculty member share research interests send them an email!  
Computer Science Faculty - Computer Science Faculty listings.
Declaring Computer Science as your major - The requirements for declaring as a Computer Science major.

Checkout some of our Computer Science Affiliated clubs!

USACS - University Student Alliance of Computer Scientists
WiCS - Women in Computer Science
COGS - The Creation of Games Society