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Undergraduate Clubs

The Creation of Games Society (COGS) is a project-based club focused on providing students with the skills necessary to learn and master game development skills in the modern industry. During our weekly meetings, members will have access to focus groups, mentors, and peers to help learn skills in creating their favorite video games. We also host social game nights to just sit back and play video games, and demo days to show off what we've made throughout the semester!

Rutgers Competitive Programming is a club that aims to form and train official Rutgers teams to programming competitions like the prestigious ACM-ICPC. In weekly meetings, we will teach you how to solve tough problems covering algorithmic and mathematical concepts like geometry, number theory, dynamic programming and graph/tree theory, to name a few. RUCP will stretch your problem solving skills, let you apply what you learn in class, and prepare you for coding interviews at the top tech companies!

For additional information: Please join our facebook group:
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The Quantitative Finance Club (QFC) is an organization that builds quantitative thinking skills in advanced Mathematics, CS, and Finance to prepare members for positions at trading firms, hedge funds, and other financial institutions. We have a focus on networking, inviting alumni from bulge bracket banks, connecting advanced members with recruiters directly, and building resume books for company HR.

Members of our club have landed positions at Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank, AQR Capital, and more. We wish to make you as prepared as possible for not just finance positions, but all quantitative jobs.

RUMAD is the Mobile App Development Club at Rutgers. Our goal is to empower the Rutgers community through exploration and instruction of application development and design. Additionally we strive to position our members for success in their Software Engineering Careers. 

Each year we mentor a group of students to start and finish projects consisting of iOS, Android, and Backend Development. By the end of the year members will have experience developing and shipping a complete project to the App Store, along with receiving direct mentorship and career advice from our senior members.

The Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists (USACS) is Rutgers' premier student organization for every and any aspiring computer scientist!

We host weekly workshops on topics not taught in class, mentorship services and programs, outreach opportunities to alumni and companies, diversity and community bonding events, and technical project building / open-source contributions. Lastly, we host weekly meetings to examine the state of Rutgers CS and discuss future events.

We are here to serve and listen to your wants and needs! Come to a meeting to find out more about what we offer!

 It is a widely known fact that men far outnumber women in the field of computer science. Simply step into any of the numerous computer science courses offered at Rutgers, and more likely than not, one will find that more than 80% of the students are male. Women in Computer Science (WiCS) was created as a result of this gender gap, to encourage the participation of women in computer science as well as to help the women that are enrolled in computer courses and provide support. There are also many opportunities and resources specifically geared towards women, such as conferences, scholarships, and research, that Rutgers CS students should be aware of.

WiCS is open to any students, male or female, at Rutgers interested in computer science and supportive of women in this field. As a member of WiCS, you will be able to network with other computer science undergraduate students as well as computer science graduate students and faculty during our events throughout the year. Also, you will be alerted to opportunities such as scholarships, internships, research, job events, and more as they arise through our mailing list.