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Vilelmini Kalampratsidou

DCS Grad Student

My general research interest focuses in the areas of human motion, human-computer co-adaptive interaction, interactive wearable-devices applications, motion recording, analysis and modeling of kinematics, and sensory-motor integration.

My research takes place in the Sensory-Motor Integration Lab, headed by Prof. Elizabeth Torres. Our lab is part of is part of the Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Medicine Center. We are affiliated with the Psychology Department, the Computer Science Department, and the Neuroscience and Cell Biology Program. We also collaborate with Biomedical and Electrical Computer Engineering Departments, and with the Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine.

My thesis project focuses on building a new platform for establishing co-adaptive multi-sensory interactions between user- and avatar-driven interfaces. To this end, I am creating the foundation on sensory signals to be used so as to scaffold my main project. This foundation consists of characterization of various physiological signals to facilitate or perturb the adaptation progression and to learn about the somatosensory-motor predispositions of each individual.

Awards & Distinctions: 
Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Finalists, Qualcomm Inc. Apr. 2016, San Diego, CA Gerondelis Foundation Graduate Study Scholarship 2014 - 2015, New Brunswick, NJ Student Entrepreneurship Grand, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Oct. 2011, Chania, Greece