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Unsupported Software

This describes the infrastructure for researchers in the Department of Computer Science to setup and share software packages that are not supported by LCSR.

Usage Policy: Unsupported software is ... UNSUPPORTED!!!!! If you choose to use any of the unsupported software packages, noone is responsible for bugs or anything else. Each package will have an owner. If you have a question about a package, you may email the owner. However, the owner may or may not choose to answer your question. If users hassle LCSR or package owners for support, we will kill this effort.


Platform Actual Location Convenient Path
Solaris /farm/unsupported /usr/unsupported
Linux /farm/linux-unsupported /usr/unsupported

Making software available:

If you would like to set up a software package in the unsupported area, please contact Thu ( ).

What's currently available:

See the README file in /usr/unsupported.