Friday, May 6, 2016

Building New and Activating iLab accounts

Latest Status: Account building for the Spring 2016 semester is now active.

In order to use iLab computing resources, you must create or reactivate your account on the iLab domain. Once you accept the Department of Computer Science Acceptable Use Policy and Rutgers Computing Policies and Guidelines, you will need to provide your name, Social Security Number a.k.a. SSN (or RUID if SSN failed ), date of birth, and Account type. For "Account type", select the class you are taking, such as "cs111" for 111, "cs205" for 205, and so on. If you are not registered in any section of that class, the system will not create the account.

To be in a specific class group, you need to activate account for that group by choosing proper Account type.

If you try to build an account and it fails, please send mail to with your name, the course (and section, if you know it), and what error message you got when you tried to build the account.


  1. These machines use the same username and password as your Rutgers University accounts.

  2. After you successfully create your account, you must acknowledge the CS Academic Integrity Policy on the webpage "". This policy must be reacknowledged every academic year.

  3. If you're building your first-ever account on the iLab domain, your account may not be immediately active -- there may be up to a one-hour delay in being able to to log in. If you cannot log in properly more than an hour after you've used the account-building, please send to

Thank you for your patience!