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Instructional Laboratory (iLab) Systems

CS Instructional Labs Systems runs Centos7.x Linux Operating System and is located in Hill 120, Hill 248 and Hill 252. These machines are accessible in the rooms and remotely via ssh protocol and X2Go client.  For more details, see  specifications and status of these macines

These systems are available to students, faculty, and staff. 

Graduate Systems

CS Graduate Systems are distributed in Graduate student offices and primarily used as a desktop system for the office. These machines are accessible remotely via ssh protocol and X2Go client.  For more details, see  specifications and status of these macines


IMPORTANT: You must have an account on each system before you can use it. See Getting Started page for more details about using our resource.

Note that Ilab and grad systems are workstations with screens, but they are used more often by people connecting to them remotely. Please don't turn them off or reboot them, since that will interfere with other people using them remotely.

Your iLab and/or Graduate account are normally deactivated when you are no longer affiliated with Computer Science or no longer taking any CS classes. Normally account deactivation is done about 4 months or a semester after. We normally send a warning to your official university address to warn you about account deactivation. Make sure your email is accurate.