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Reserve Room/Equipment

Electronic Room Reservations for Computer Science Department

Conference rooms, computer labs, classrooms, and various equipment dedicated to Computer Science can be reserved electronically using the reservation calendar interface provided by LCSR. The ability to reserve these items or to view current reservations is restricted to the members of the Computer Science Department. The rooms that can be reserved are: 

Conference Rooms Computer Labs Classrooms
CoRE 301 (CoRE A)
[see below: multiple cameras and monitors]
Hill 248 Hill 120
CoRE 305 (CoRE B) Hill 252  
Hill 482  


Rooms that have a permanent LCD projector

Hill labs 120, 248
DCS conference rooms CoRE A (301), CoRE B (305), Hill 482

in addition CoRE A (301) now has multiple cameras and displays, a projector, and input for a laptop, set up to allow remote attendees to see activity in the room and slides, and interact with people in the room. Please contact if you intend to hold an event in CORE A that would benefit by having remote attendees.

Policies and Procedures

  1. Rooms will be reserved (i.e. blocked out) for colloquia and other division/department functions a semester in advance. Rooms will not be available for other functions at these times.
  2. Once division/departmental functions have been reserved, reservations are on a first-come first-serve basis. Authorized users can reserve any of the above items for any period of time. The default setup prohibits conflicts. This can be disabled on a per reservation basis but we strongly recommend against this practice.
  3. When a room is reserved please be sure to list the purpose for which it will be used (e.g., class, committee meeting, colloquia, thesis defense, faculty meeting, research meeting, instructors meeting, etc.) and the person responsible for the reservation. This information should be entered in the Event Title field when making a reservation
  4. If a reservation is no longer needed please remove it from the calendar.
  5. If a room is already reserved at the time you wish to use it contact the person who holds the current reservation to see what, if any, accommodations can be made.
  6. If you have a class in one of these rooms be sure it is reserved using this room reservation system. Rutgers scheduling cannot schedule these rooms so you must reserved these rooms using this system to avoid conflicts.
  7. Classes should not be scheduled in any conference room before 4:30 PM. If you have a class that meets before 4:30 please reserve one of the classrooms.
  8. Reservable equipment is intended for academic purposes. Please describe in your reservation what class the equipment will be used for. Equipment should not be kept overnight. Equipment can be picked up and dropped off at Core 235. Note that there are multiple projectors available, so that there might be apparent 'conflicts' in the calendar. To determine how many projectors are currently available, phone the operator at 848-445-2443 during normal operational hours.

Reserving a room

To reserve a room or equipment you must have a Department of Computer Science account and be an authorized user of this system. See below for instructions on adding or removing an authorized user.

To make a reservation visit the the calendar system and follow the directions below.

  1. log in with your DCS username and password. You will see: 


  2. Select the calendar you want to see with the pulldown in the upper left. You will then see:

    (Note the reservations already shown.)


  3. To make a reservation, click the "Add an Event" button. If you have permission to make additions to this calendar, you will see


  4. Put in the date by selecting the date from the calendar. If the reservation isn't for the entire day, uncheck the "All Day" box, and you will be able to select the beginning and ending hours of your reservation. "Access/Availability" is only used to describe the desired behavior of computers in the reservable labs while the event is happening -- if they will be accessible from the net, for instance. Select 'repeats' to make multiple reservations every week, or month, etc.


  5. Click "Add Event" at the bottom of the form to confirm your reservation.


  6. To end your calendaring session, select "Logout" at the bottom right of the form.


Connecting to Remote-Capable Public Events in C301

Connect via the Join Public Session URL.  Here's some help setting up.

Adding or Removing an Authorized User

If you have questions or problems with Computer Science resources, send email to: or call 848-445-2001.