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Faculty have access to two sets of systems, which we call "faculty" and "research." This section describes Research.
The Research cluster is available to all faculty, and to grad students or guests who are sponsored by faculty via Group Management from our Account management page. See How to Manage Your Users and Groups on CS Computer System if you need guidance. 
This page just documents our general-purpose research cluster. There are a number of other systems available to researches in the department. See the general Computing Resources page for a list of many of them.
We have several generations of equipment. The most recent, and largest system, is
  • Aurora, with 1 TB of memory and 80 cores.

The previous generation is Starbucks cluster. All are 4-processor systems

  • Grande and Venti, with 64 GB and 128 GB
  • tall1, tall2, tall3, and tall4, with 16 GB each
Here's a link to a list of all systems in the Research Cluster. This list is updated daily. 
IMPORTANT: You must have an account on each system before you can use it. See Getting Started page for more details about using our resource