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Instructional Lab

Last modified:  May 30, 2017


  • During the Summer 2017, we will be upgrading machines and software. Machines in CAVE (Hill 252), Hill 248 and Hill 120 will still be usable until the planned authentication upgrade is done.  At that time existing users will be asked to set a new password prior to logging in.  The dates for these switchovers will be announced on this page and signs will be posted in the iLabs when they occur.  When resources are updated the webpage where students can create new passwords will be posted here as well.
  • IMPORTANT: For first time user, you MUST create or activate your iLab account before you can login. Please activate your account early to avoid problem later because we are changing our Account activation system in July 2017.
  • Please be aware that files in /freespace/local  are not backed up and erased a few weeks prior to the start of Fall semester without warning. Please backup your data at the end of semester if you want to keep them next semester.
  • Beginnning with Google Chrome 53, Adobe Flash is turned off. If you must use Flash, you need to enable Flash support.
  • If you are new to CS Resources, see Beginners info