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Getting Rid of SPAM Email

How to Get Rid of SPAM Email

by Hanz

Spam email have become a big problem. If you have an account on Computer Science Faculty/Staff, Graduate or Undergraduate machine, we have a solution for you. Depending on how you read your email, different solutions have been created for each option.

The basic engine of LCSR Spam filter is Spam Assassins. This program analyzes every incoming email and tags each email based on a rating system. The rating is added into the header of the incoming email for further user action. We feel that it is not an appropriate to preemptively reject or delete email classified as spam because the tagging system of Spam Assassin is not 100% accurate. There is the a possibility for a false positive and we don't want to risk a loss of important email.

If you have account on:

See this:

CS and Math faculty/staff,CS research Unix, CS Grad/Undergraduate machine

Using procmail to filter spam

RCI Unix Account

How To Filter Unwanted Email from your RCI Account

Other Unix

Using procmail to filter spam

Testing your spam filter

To test the filter above, simply create a new mail containing this string:


and send it to yourself. This mail will arrive as spam. When the email is classified as spam, you will not see the forwarded email arriving in your Inbox.

For more info on the effectiveness of the spamfilter engine, email/spam statistics are available online.


If you have problems send email to: