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Brief Transition Guide from Dragon Email to Rutgers Connect

Brief Transition Guide from Dragon Email to Rutgers Connect

by Hanz Makmur August, 26, 2016


When the email server is switched from to Rutgers Connect on the planned cutover date, August 29, 2016 at 6AM EDT, your email client will stop receiving new emails until you change your email client settings. will no longer accept new emails. It will be kept running only as an archive server until the end of 2016. All of your new emails will arrive in the new Rutgers Connect server and you need to reconfigure all your email client to point to it. In order to get your new emails, you must use the Rutgers Connect server in place of


Important Note: If you have not changed your NetID password after the start of Spring 2016 semester, you need to change your NetID password first and wait at least 15 minutes before you can login to Rutgers Connect. To change your password, go to

This guide will help you transition to Rutgers Connect with minimal changes so you can start working immediately and worry about other features of Rutgers Connect at a later time. Once you are comfortable that all your email are working as it should, you should spend sometime to learn more about Rutgers Connect.

If you are reading your email using:


  • WebMail Interface using Web browser:
    WebMail interface is the easiest way to access all the features of Rutgers Connect and your email without requiring special configuration. If you use WebMail interface to read your email, below are the minimal changes you need to be aware of. See table below.


    WebMail Old New
    Username: your_netid
    Password: your_netid_password your_netid_password

    To read your email, simply open your supported web browser then enter the new location below.


    Password: your_netid_password

    Once logged in, you will notice the Rutgers Connect Web Interface known as Outlook Web Access (OWA), showing all your email and other features available there.


    Note:if you plan to use this client as your main client, you may want to transfer your local Calendar or AddressBook from your previous email client. Calendar and AddressBook don't get migrated from local disk or dragon server..


  • IMAP Based Mail Client
    To read your email on Rutgers Connect, you need to change your email client's incoming and outgoing server settings. If you are using an IMAP based mail client like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, mobile devices, etc you need to change your settings as below:

    1. Set your Incoming Email Server as below:


    Incoming Old New
    IMAP Server:
    Port: 993 993
    Encryption: SSL or SSL/TLS SSL or SSL/TLS
    Username: your_netid
    Password: your_netid_password your_netid_password

    2. Set your Outgoing Email Server as below:


    Outgoing Old New
    SMTP Server:
    Port: 465 587
    Encryption: SSL or SSL/TLS SSL (AppleMail)
    STARTTLS (Thunderbird)
    Username: your_netid
    Password: your_password your_netid_password
    Authentication: Password Password


  • Rutgers Connect does not support calendar standard (CalDAV). Calendar feature only works with Email clients that support MS Exchange protocol or the Webmail interface.
  • If you have older version of Thunderbird, you may need to upgrade it. MS365 requires more secure authentication that the older version does not support.


Step by Step Email Client Configurations

A full step by step guide on how to set your email client settings for Rutgers Connect is available below from OIT/SAS-IT.
Note: Dont forget to swap any '' or '' to ''.



Other Guides


Setting up Compliant Mobile Devices fo Rutgers Connect

Despite the fact that it is possible to follow the IMAP Based Mail client settings table above to reconfigure your mobile devices to work with Rutgers Connect, you should be aware that for security reasons, University Acceptable Use policies require that all mobile devices are to be enrolled in Mobile Device Management (MDM) for all Rutgers staff and faculty. Follow Mobile Device Management Policy website to setup your mobile devices.

Tips: When Synching email with your mobile devices, make sure that the Mail Days to Sync or Period to sync email, calendar setting is set to the number of days you want to see. By default, it is set to sync only a few days of email which means you will not be able to see email older that that set limit

  • On Apple iOS devices, this setting is at:
    [Settings] ➧ [Mail,Contacts,Calendars] ➧ [MS365] ➧ [Mail Days to Sync]


  • On Adroid devices, this setting varies by version/make/model of your device:
    [Settings] ➧ [Accounts and sync] ➧ [your_email_address ➧ [Server settings] ➧ [Period to synch email, calendar]


Note: If you set your mobile devices to use IMAP settings above, you are non compliant with University Acceptable Use policy.

Accessing Special Shared Accounts

For those who have access to special Shared Accounts, to access email for these Shared Accounts, new configuration needs to be added your email client for each Shared Account.

Follow step by step guide below,


Training Resources

For those who want to learn about the new Rutgers Connect system:



Possible Issues

Please be aware that Rutgers Connect also come with its own issues. Here are a few immediate issues that you need to be aware about.


  • Sending Email as
    If you send email with Personalized FROM headers, like "", please be aware that the process is not straight forward and there are issues to be aware about.


  • Clutter feature
    Clutter feature gets turned on automatically after the system learned your email habit and moves your email to Clutter folder. You may need to turn it off.


  • Rutgers Connect is based on Microsoft 365 which does not necessarily support standard protocols. This causes many incompatibilities with many email clients. University of Wisconsin has a nice Office 365 - Technical Client Comparison page that explains this issue in detail.


  • Not all your email are migrated to Rutgers Connect by Cutoff date. In the next few days/week, email on dragon will get sync again to make sure all of them gets migrated to Rutgers Connect. The more email you have the longer it takes.


  • Stop using in your email address it will stop functioning soon. The official email address is Please notify your correspondence of these new address.


  • If your email have Flags, email will get synced but flags are lost.


  • Some users reported duplicate email are not migrated. Please check What will be migrated? Are there items that won't be migrated? for more details of what will be migrated or not.


  • There is a report that some email are still delivered on Dragon server and not forwarded to the new Rutgers Connect. If you have "Incoming Email Rules" defined on the dragon webmail, please make sure that you set all these rules to be "inactive" otherwise some of your NEW email may be stuck on dragon in folders specified by your personal rules.

    It is up to you to turn these rules off since they are personal rules set by you. Please remember that email migration is completed already and thee new email wont be migrated to Rutgers Connect. It is up to you to move them to the Rutgers Connect if you want them moved.