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Research Projects

Faculty: Desheng Zhang

Active Projects

Under the Smart Cities Initiative from the White House, this project on urban cyber-physical-systems is aimed to address emerging urban mobility challenges by big-data-driven analytics.

This project spans three components of Cyber-Physical Systems, i.e., communication, computation and control.

Real-time human travel pattern modeling is essential to various applications, from mobile networking, to transportation, urban planning and epidemiology.

Data-driven modeling usually suffers from data sparsity, especially for large-scale modeling for urban phenomena based on single-source urban infrastructure data under fine-grained spatial-temporal contexts.

Carpooling has long held the promise of reducing gas consumption by decreasing mileage to deliver co-riders. Although ad hoc carpools already exist in the real world through private arrangements, little research on the topic has been done. In this paper, we present the first systematic work to design, implement, and evaluate a carpool service, called coRide, in a large-scale taxicab network intended to reduce total mileage for less gas consumption.