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Technical Reports

For older DCS tech reports, as well as those from the CAP, HPCD, LCSR and ML series, please visit:

Instructions for using this system are available at the Technical Reports documentation page.

Published papers are typically available on the personal websites of faculty and students, and on pages for research labs.

Catalog Number Abstract (PDF) Paper (PDF) Title Author(s)
DCS-tr-617[abstract][report]C-Oracle: Predictive Thermal Management for Data CentersLuiz Ramos and Ricardo Bianchini
DCS-tr-619[abstract][report]GRAIL: A General Purpose Real Time Localization System: Version 1.0Yingying Chen, Robert S. Moore, Eiman Elnahrawy, Konstantinos Kleisouris, John-Austen Francisco, Xiaoyan Li, Gayathri Chandrasekaran, Begumhan Turgut, Richard P. Martin
DCS-tr-624[abstract][report]Fixed Points And InvariantsM.C. Paull
DCS-tr-625[abstract][report]Extending The Benefits Of Tail RecursionM.C.Paull
DCS-tr-626[abstract][report]RoadSpeak: Enabling Voice Chat on Roadways using Vehicular Social NetworksStephen Smaldone, Lu Han, Pravin Shankar, and Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-627[abstract][report]Efficient Multi-Dimensional Query Processing in Personal Information Management SystemsWei Wang, Christopher Peery, Amélie Marian, Thu D. Nguyen
DCS-tr-628[abstract][report]Enforcing Authorization Policies using Transactional Memory IntrospectionArnar Birgisson, Mohan Dhawan, Ulfar Erlingsson, Vinod Ganapathy, and Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-630[abstract][report]Kernel Methods and Algorithms for General Sequence AnalysisPavel P. Kuksa, Pai-Hsi Huang, Vladimir Pavlovic
DCS-tr-631[abstract][report]Prioritized Sweeping Converges to the Optimal Value FunctionLihong Li and Michael L. Littman
DCS-tr-632[abstract][report]Efficient Learning of Action Schemas and Web-Service DescriptionsThomas J. Walsh and Michael L. Littman
DCS-tr-633[abstract][report]Efficient Learning of Dynamics Models using Terrain ClassificationBethany R. Leffler, Christopher R. Mansley, Michael L. Littman
DCS-tr-634[abstract][report]Fast and accurate semi-supervised protein homology detection with large uncurated sequence databasesPai-Hsi Huang, Pavel Kuksa, Vladimir Pavlovic
DCS-tr-637[abstract][report]Towards a Resource-Aware Programming Architecture for Smart Autonomous Underwater VehiclesHans Christian Woihe, Denitsa Tilkidjieva, and Ulrich Kremer
DCS-tr-638[abstract][report]Securing Geographical Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc NetworksVivek Pathak, Danfeng Yao, and Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-640[abstract][report]ICFP 2008 poster sessionBenjamin Pierce, Colin Runciman, Chung-chieh Shan
DCS-tr-641[abstract][report]Exploration in Least-Squares Policy IterationLihong Li and Michael L. Littman and Christopher R. Mansley
DCS-tr-642[abstract][report]SelectAudit: A Secure and Efficient Audit Framework for Networked Virtual EnvironmentsTuan Phan and Danfeng (Daphne) Yao
DCS-tr-643[abstract][report]Working Set-Based Access Control for Network File SystemsStephen Smaldone, Vinod Ganapathy, and Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-644[abstract][report]Safe-Commit Analysis to Facilitate Team Software DevelopmentJan Wloka, Barbara Ryder, Frank Tip and Xiaoxia Ren
DCS-tr-645[abstract][report]Protecting Commodity Operating System Kernels from Vulnerable Device DriversShakeel Butt, Vinod Ganapathy, Michael M. Swift and Chih-Cheng Chang
DCS-tr-646[abstract][report]Evaluating the Security Risks of Freedom on Social Networking WebsitesBlase E. Ur, Crystal Maung and Vinod Ganapathy
DCS-tr-647[abstract][report]Predictive Anonymization: Utility-Preserving Publishing of Sparse Recommendation DataChih-Cheng Chang, Brian Thompson, Hui Wang, and Danfeng Yao
DCS-tr-648[abstract][report]Analyzing Information Flow in Javascript-based Browser ExtensionsMohan Dhawan and Vinod Ganapathy
DCS-tr-652[abstract][report]Privately Querying Location-based Services with SybilQueryPravin Shankar, Vinod Ganapathy and Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-654[abstract][report]Rootkits on Smart Phones: Attacks and ImplicationsJeffrey Bickford, Ryan O'Hare, Arati Baliga, Vinod Ganapathy and Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-656[abstract][report]Improving NFA-based Signature Matching using Ordered Binary Decision DiagramsLiu Yang, Rezwana Karim, Vinod Ganapathy, and Randy Smith
DCS-tr-658[abstract][report]User-Assisted Host-Based Detection of Outbound Malware TrafficHuijun Xiong, Prateek Malhotra, Deian Stefan, Chehai Wu, and Danfeng Yao
DCS-tr-659[abstract][report]Growing Businesses Organically on the Social FarmStephen Smaldone, Vivek Pathak, and Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-660[abstract][report]Exploring compact reinforcement-learning representations with linear regressionThomas J. Walsh, Istvan Szita, Carlos Diuk, Michael L. Littman
DCS-tr-661[abstract][report]Unified Structure and Content Search for Personal Information Management SystemsWei Wang, Amélie Marian, Thu D. Nguyen
DCS-tr-662[abstract][report]Monitoring Data Structures using Hardware Transactional MemoryShakeel Butt, Arati Baliga, Vinod Ganapathy and Mihai Chirstodorescu
DCS-tr-663[abstract][report]Generalized Spectral Theory for TensorsEdinah Gnang, Ahmed Elgammal, Vladimir Retakh
DCS-tr-664[abstract][report]MassConf: Autonomic Configuration Tuning By Leveraging User Community InformationWei Zheng, Ricardo Bianchini, Thu D. Nguyen
DCS-tr-665[abstract][report]Improving Bicycle Safety through Automated Real-Time Vehicle DetectionStephen Smaldone, Chetan Tonde, Vancheswaran Ananthanarayanan, Ahmed Elgammal, and Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-666[abstract][report]SBone: Personal Device Sharing Using Social NetworksPravin Shankar, Badri Nath, Liviu Iftode, Vancheswaran Ananthanarayanan, Lu Han
DCS-tr-667[abstract][report]Position Paper: The Case for JavaScript TransactionsMohan Dhawan, Chung-chieh Shan, Vinod Ganapathy
DCS-tr-668[abstract][report]URSA - User Review Structure Analysis: Understanding Online Reviewing TrendsGayatree Ganu, Amélie Marian, Noémie Elhadad
DCS-tr-669[abstract][report]Transcript: A system for speculative execution of untrusted JavaScript codeMohan Dhawan, Chung-chieh Shan, and Vinod Ganapathy
DCS-tr-671[abstract][report]Higher Order Information for Inlier DetectionToufiq Parag, Ahmed Elgammal
DCS-tr-673[abstract][report]Unifying Access and Resource Usage Control over Standard Client-Server InteractionsTuan Phan and Thu D. Nguyen
DCS-tr-674[abstract][report]A Geometric Approach to Device-Free Motion Localization Using Signal StrengthRobert S. Moore, Richard Howard, Pavel Kuksa, Richard P. Martin
DCS-tr-675[abstract][report]Page Placement in Hybrid Memory SystemsLuiz Ramos, Eugene Gorbatov, and Ricardo Bianchini
DCS-tr-676[abstract][report]Sahara: Guiding the Debugging of Failed Software UpgradesRekha Bachwani, Olivier Crameri, Ricardo Bianchini, Dejan Kostic, and Willy Zwaenepoel
DCS-tr-679[abstract][report]Emergence of hierarchy in directed social networksMangesh Gupte, Pravin Shankar, Jing Li, S Muthukrishnan, Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-682[abstract][report]Crowds replace Experts: Building Better Location-based Services using Mobile Social Network InteractionsPravin Shankar, Woody Huang, Paul Castro, Badri Nath and Liviu Iftode
DCS-tr-683[abstract][report]Tree Packing in Complete GraphImdadullah Khan
DCS-tr-684[abstract][report]Generalized Similarity Kernels for Efficient Sequence ClassificationPavel P. Kuksa, Imdadullah Khan, Vladimir Pavlovic
DCS-tr-686[abstract][report]GreenSlot: Scheduling Energy Consumption in Green Datacenters Inigo Goiri, Kien Le, Md. E. Haque, Ryan Beauchea, Thu D. Nguyen, Jordi Guitart, Jordi Torres, and Ricardo Bianchini
DCS-tr-687[abstract][report]Appendix: BFS3 proof of optimalityJohn Asmuth and Michael Littman
DCS-tr-690[abstract][report]Video based Activity Recognition in a Trauma CenterIshani Chakraborty, Ahmed Elgammal
DCS-tr-691[abstract][report]Pervasive Computing for the 99%Bernhard Firner, Robert S. Moore, Richard Howard, Richard P. Martin, Yanyong Zhang
DCS-tr-693[abstract][report]Ensuring System Integrity Using Limited Local MemoryYuki Kinebuchi, Shakeel Butt, Vinod Ganapathy, Liviu Iftode, Tatsuo Nakajima
DCS-tr-696[abstract][report]Distributed Probabilistic Learning for Camera NetworksSejong Yoon and Vladimir Pavlovic
DCS-tr-697[abstract][report]Quantifying and Improving I/O Predictability in Virtualized SystemsCheng Li, Inigo Goiri, Abhishek Bhattacharjee, Ricardo Bianchini, Thu D. Nguyen
DCS-tr-699[abstract][report]Orchestrating On-Chip Memory Resources for Throughput-Oriented CompilationJeff Ames, Ying Zhan, Eddy Z. Zhang
DCS-tr-700[abstract][report]Using Massive Atomics Operations for Massively Parallel GPU Applications: Inevitable or Indispensable?Ian Egielski, Chi Zhang, Eddy Z. Zhang
DCS-tr-701[abstract][report]KERNELGEN – the design and implementation of a next generation compiler platform for accelerating numerical models on GPUsDmitry Mikushin, Nikolay Likhogrud, Eddy Z. Zhang
DCS-tr-702[abstract][report]Providing Green SLAs in High Performance Computing CloudsMd E. Haque, Kien Le, Inigo Goiri, Ricardo Bianchini, Thu D. Nguyen
DCS-tr-703[abstract][report]Architectural Support for Address Translation on GPUsBharath Pichai, Lisa Hsu, Abhishek Bhattacharjee
DCS-tr-705[abstract][report]Nearly Optimal Semi-Supervised Learning on SubgraphsGayatree Ganu, Branislav Kveton
DCS-tr-706[abstract][report]Cost-Aware Building of Cloud Services Powered by Renewable EnergyJosep Ll. Berral, Inigo Goiri, Thu D. Nguyen, Ricard Gavalda, Jordi Torres, Ricardo Bianchini
DCS-tr-707[abstract][report]On the Control Plane of a Self-Service Cloud PlatformShakeel Butt, Vinod Ganapathy, Abhinav Srivastava
DCS-tr-708[abstract][report]Towards a GPU SDN ControllerEduard G. Renart, Eddy Z. Zhang, Badri Nath
DCS-tr-709[abstract][report]ApproxHadoop: Bringing Approximations to MapReduce FrameworksInigo Goiri, Ricardo Bianchini, Santosh Nagarakatte, Thu D. Nguyen
DCS-tr-711[abstract][report]Improving Inter-thread Data Sharing with GPU CachesLingda Li, Kun Wang, Eddy Z. Zhang, Mario Szegedy
DCS-tr-712[abstract][report]Remote Driving: A Ready-to-go Approach to Autonomous Car? - Opportunities and ChallengesRuilin Liu, Kostas Bekris, Ahmed Elgammal, Vinod Ganapathy, Mario Gerla, Liviu Iftode, Melchi Michel, and Jingang Yi
DCS-tr-713[abstract][report]Using TLB Speculation to Overcome Page Splintering in Virtual MachinesBinh Pham, Jan Vesely, Gabriel H. Loh, Abhishek Bhattacharjee
DCS-tr-714[abstract][report]GreenCassandra: Using Renewable Energy in Distributed Structured Storage SystemsWilliam Katsak, Inigo Goiri, Ricardo Bianchini, Thu D. Nguyen
DCS-tr-715[abstract][report]Regulating Smart Personal Devices in Restricted SpacesFerdinand Brasser, Daeyoung Kim, Christopher Liebchen, Vinod Ganapathy, Liviu Iftode, and Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
DCS-tr-717[abstract][report]Synergistic Data Placement for GPU On-chip MemoryAri Hayes, Lingd Li and Eddy Z. Zhang
DCS-tr-718[abstract][report]Termination-Checking for LLVM Peephole OptimizationsDavid Menendez and Santosh Nagarakatte
DCS-tr-720[abstract][report]AIR - A Framework for Exploiting Redundancies in Service-Based ApplicationsUlrich Kremer and Liu Liu
DCS-tr-723[abstract][report]Alive-FP: Automated Verification of Floating Point Based Peephole Optimizations in LLVMDavid Menendez, Santosh Nagarakatte, and Aarti Gupta
DCS-tr-724[abstract][report]A 3D-stacked architecture for secure memory acquisitionGuilherme Cox, Zi Yan, Abhishek Bhattacharjee, Vinod Ganapathy
DCS-tr-726[abstract][report]Experiences Using Large Scale Video Walls for Distance EducationRichard P. Martin, Douglass Motto