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Journal Publications

J. Abello, P. Klavik, J. Kratochvil, and T. Vyskocil

Theoretical Computer Science May, 2017

J. Abello, C. Tominski, H. Schumann

Computers & Graphics 33.6 (2009): 660-678

R. Pienta, Z. Lin, M. Kahng, J. Vreeken, P. P. Talukdar, J. Abello, G. Paremeswaran, D. Horng Chau

07 Proceedings of the 18th European conference on Machine Learning May, 2015

J. Abello, S. Hadlak, H. Schumann, H. Schulz

IEEE Transactions in Visualization and Computer Graphics December, 2014

J. Abello, F. Quelroy

Social Network Analysis and Mining, Dec. 2014, 4:191. December, 2014

J. Abello,P. Broadwell,T. Tangherlini

Communications of the ACM

Conference Publications

J. Abello, N. Devanur, T. Eliassi Rad

R. Pienta, M. Kahng, Z. Lin, J. Vreeken, P. Talukdar, J. Abello, G. Parameswaran, and DH. Chau

July, 2017

T. Williams, J. Abello, J.F. Betak, D. Desimone