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Past Events and Videos

Many of these podcasts are also available on Youtube.




  • Video from the DCS Graduation Ceremonies of 2014 (not including images of the graduates of the graduates receiving their diploma, which have yet to arrive from the photographers. But including "the walk in", "the talk" (by Dr. Nguyen), "the walk out", and "the happy time." The 'diploma' part will be added when those images are available.) (May 2014)


  • Dr. Lance Fortnow of the Georgia Institute of Technology presents Bounding Rationality by Computational Complexity (November 2013) - mp4 mp4 (with cc)slides.


  • Dr. Dan Garcia of UC Berkeley presents The Beauty and Joy of Computing (bjc), Advanced-Placement CS Principles, and the CS 10K Effort, a follow-on to his earlier talk on the High School Computing Landscape (January 2012)



  • Dr. Mark Guzdial of Georgia Tech presents Technology for Teaching the Majority about Computer Science (October 18, 2011)


History of Computing - Video Files of Interest

Here are links to various video files of interest in the history of computer science. If links go bad (because some are linked to youtube, and may go stale), please send mail to help AT



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