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PARTNER MEMBERSHIP: Visibility + Targeted Student Access + Collaborative Ties

As a partner, you get all the affiliate and associate benefits, plus you get to build close ties with the faculty and graduate students, and get familiar with their research work, and more:

  • Attendance at Colloquia and Research Presentations

    You get email notifications and invitations to attend departmental colloquia featuring talks by researchers outside the department, qualifying exam presentations by our Ph.D. candidates, and Ph.D. defense presentations by our soon-to-be doctorates.

  • Access to Technical Reports and Papers

    You get email notifications of the latest technical reports originating from the department. You also get email alerts of papers and posters presented at conferences by our graduate students and research faculty.

  • Facilitated Introduction to Faculty and Research Groups

    Faciliated by the chair of the department, you get to meet with research faculty and their graduate student lab groups once annually.

  • Promoting Your Company In the Department

    Once annually, you can visit the department and present to our faulty and students information about the latest and greatest happenings at your company vis-a-vis technology and research.

  • Attendance at Annual Research Day

    At the annual research day, faculty members talk about their latest research. You get to attend the research day presentations, and meet with our faculty and students.

The annual fee for becoming a Partner is $10,000.