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The Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP) brings industry closer to the students and the faculty of our department. As a member company of our IAP, you can raise your visibility within the department, engage with our students, develop close ties with the faculty, network with other member companies, and contribute to maintaining our excellence in education and research. Contact University Career Services at or visit for additional campus-wide employer branding and talent sourcing opportunities.

Your membership fee will support the mission of the department in important ways: to maintain and expand the resources we need in order to better educate and mentor our students, to provide them with newer opportunities to further their academic, research, and career objectives, to reward them for demonstrating excellence in this pursuit, and to help them build a vibrant and productive community.

You can sign up for one of three levels of membership: Affiliate, Associate, and Partner. Membership is annual, starting September 1, at the start of the fall semester. To become a member, please fill the sign up form.

Feel free to contact Dr. Sesh Venugopal for any questions regarding the benefits of membership. If you are a member, please email our program administrator Doris Allen if you have any administrative questions.

Affiliate: Visibility
As an affiliate, you get extensive visibility within the department in various ways including company information on the members page, announcements of campus events and internships, and more.
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Associate: Student Access
As an associate, you get all the affiliate benefits, plus direct access to students via targeted emails to our students, facilitated access to student bodies, job announcements on the full-time jobs page, and more.
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Partner: Collaboration
As a partner, you get all the affiliate and associate benefits, plus you get to build close ties with the faculty and graduate students, and their research work. Benefits include an open invitation to attendance all colloquia and research presentations, access to technical reports and papers, facilitated introduction to faculty and research groups, and more.
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