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Instructional Lab

Last modified:  Aug 16, 2018


  • Starting Fall 2018, all users should be using a machine named: which will randomly pick ilab1.cs, ilab2.cs or ilab3.cs. See iLab Machine Status to find status of all iLab servers and iLab desktop machines.
  • If you are using python, please follow Using Python on CS Linux machines instruction or many modules wont load properly.
  • If you are doing big data with Hadoop, Please see CS Hadoop Cluster information page.
  • Announcing a new 100GB disk space available for every user and can be accessed at /common/users/your_netid. See  Storage and Technology Options for more info. (July 30, 2018)
  • Please logout after using. If you don't logout, your X2Go or Remote Desktop session will be terminated and all unsaved work will be lost. If you would like to resume with the same session at a later time, open a terminal and  type
        in bash : echo 5 > /var/run/user/$UID/KeepSession 
        in csh: echo 5 > /var/run/user/$uid/KeepSession 

    Number 5 means you get 5 hours to get back to it. The maximum time you can set is 36 hours.  You need to redo the above command to extend the time. (July 26,2018)

  • For those users who use emacs on x2go, please use: emacs-23.1 to avoid compatibility issue.
  • All iLab machines have been updated to the most recent security update (Jan 15, 2018).
  • There are reports that some people have Keyring issue. Try to use your NetID password to unlock it. If you continue to have problem,  follow this QuickFix to Gnome Keyring Password instruction.
  • If you are new to CS Resources, see Beginners info


Finding a Computer to Use


Using iLab Machines in Hill 248,  Hill 252 and Hill 254

To use CS iLab Machines, we recommend:

Home Pages for Students

You can setup your own university homepages or iLab home pages. This homepage needs to be stored in world readablepublic_html folder (~netid/public_html) and is accessible via http://

Getting Help

1. If you have issues with any CS computing resources

2. If you have issues with Non CS computing resources