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Business Office

Business Office

Purpose: To highlight important business processes at Rutgers University as well as to make easily available various forms required for the reimbursement process. 


  • If you missed the Travel And Business Expense Reimbursement presentation and would like to view the Power Point slide show please click here. If you would like a PDF copy of the slides please click here.


Important Links & Information for CS Faculty
Rutgers Travel Website
REX (RIAS Extenstions for Grant balances)
Reimbursement and Policy Briefing
Faculty Business Person Assignments
Contacts Information
Visitor Info
Rutgers findTech (order computers for University here)
Travel And Expense Report (TABER) form  (DOC)
Travel And Expense Report (TABER) form  (PDF)
Supplemental Travel Form  (EXCEL)
**We urge you to use this form in addition to the TABER form in order to conform to Federal requirements.
Per Diem Form  (EXCEL)
Equipment Form  (EXCEL)
Lost Receipt Form  (DOC)
Car Rental Form  (DOCX)