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Recursion hurts


The C.A.V.E. (Collaborative Academic Versatile Environment) is located on the second floor of the Hill Bldg Annex in Room 252.  Part of the Computer Science Instructional Labs, the CAVE was designed to allow students to create their own atmosphere for collaboration and group projects. 



This Fall we have Hans Kiessler as manager, Tim Yong, Biggie Emmanuel, Jamie Liao and Eric Bronner as the crafty veterans, and we fill out the roster with SaraAnn Stanway, Lydia Wang, Ben DeBrasi, Ezra Ablaza, Bhavan Mehta and the greenhorns.


reunion 2015

CAVE dwellers of the past and present reunite.



2017 - Second.  RU has been in the top three for three straight years.




Check out former iLab Assistant and CAVE alumna Jade Yee as she talks about the CAVE and Hack RU at Devpost Commit.





The CAVE has ten iLab computers, couches, chairs, a ten person bungee conference room table, large amounts of whiteboard space and a 60" LCD HDTV for gaming and presentations.  There's also consoles for gaming, four rolling whiteboards, a projector for presentations and an eighty-eight inch SMART board.  It's one part collaborative computer lab, one part CS student lounge and one part recitation/presentation space.  The CAVE acts as the unofficial home of USACS, WCS, COGS and FizzBuzz. 

The CAVE encompasses Hill 252 and Hill 250.  The main iLab hall now consists of the Hack-R-space, two rooms of the CAVE, the command center in 248 and the quiet downstairs lab in 120.  The CAVE is a staffed facility and is available to the students from 1pm to 11pm Monday thru Thursday, 1pm to 6pm on Fridays as well as Sundays from 3-11.  We hold recitations on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays in the AM.  Friday features Hacker Hour at 6pm.  If you have any questions about the CAVE please drop Lars (see below for email) a line.

Also remember our other programs and spaces..



Fall 2017

Hack RU  is October 14th and 15th at the College Avenue Student Center!  Last Fall the event had well over 600 participants!  Find a way to stop in see the monster that the students have created.

Hill 120 and Hill 248.  The iLabs includes Hill 120, formerly a classroom downstairs from the main labs.  A good contrast from the busy CAVE, it's a quiet place for students to work on their assignments or have recitations.  Students (those taking a CS class or a declared CS major) will have 24/7 access to this space.  248, the command center, is located on the second floor of the Hill Annex and is ideal for collaborative work as well as coursework with its 10 multi-monitored workstations.  248 has just been refurbed and we have added a video wall as well.  It's a good spot for graduate students and students tending to their coursework.

  Hack-R-space - Charles McGrew makes the Hack-R-space (rm 254) available to students and faculty in order to create projects and to help bring cool ideas to fruition.  3D printing, Robotics, Oculus Rifts, Musical instruments (bass, guitar, drums), you name it and the Hack-R-space can help you make a project.  Contact Charles ( for more information.

 Code Red - Code Red is the undergraduate tutoring program.  run in CoRE 301 on Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm and Thursdays from 2pm to 5pm.  This is where student tutors provide tutoring for their classmates.  This program takes advantage of the drop in model (no appointments, can come in pairs or groups) and peer instruction (no grown ups allowed) in order to make the experience more inviting.  We specialize in CS111 and CS112 but have provided tutoring for nearly every class in the curriculum at this point. 

This semester we are utilizing a Video Wall to provide tutoring to the Loree Learning Center on Douglass campus during Code Red as well.  Students on Douglass can go to Loree during Code Red hours and talk to our tutors!  

If you identify a student who may need tutoring services please send them to Code Red or contact Lars.





COGS - WiCS - USACS - FizzBuzz - The CAVE and the iLabs act as the official headquarters of our university clubs. 

USACS - The CAVE and the iLabs act as the official headquarters of our university clubs including, of course, USACS.  They meet weekly in the CAVE and are the flagship CS club at Rutgers.  President Sakib Jalal leads the group again this year.  They organize and run the RU Hackathons (Fall and Spring) as well as other CS related events. 

WiCS -  Elina Chhabra is now the President of WCS, the Women in Computer Science Club.  Our WCS club is one of the strongest in the northeast and is extremely well thought of at the national level as well.  Ping Poorva if you want to know what they have to offer. 

COGS - Near and dear to my heart is COGS, the Creation of Games Society.  Club president Aditya Geria helms the outfit.  They meet weekly and discuss the development of video games with the goal of teaching students the basics of game creation and to act as a hub for game development at the university.  Students in COGS compete in local game jams and attend gaming events in NJ and NYC together.   We compete annually at Global Game Jam and 2018 will be our fifth January at the event.  We will update this section with new pictures after we create our 2018 game!




FizzBuzz -  Ben DeBrasi is completing the work of taking the Euler seminar to the club level.  Fizz Buzz, named for the infamous computer science interview problem, tackles problems and questions computer science students face during an interview process.  In order to ensure that students understand the interview process and interview questions, they will be receiving assistance from faculty, alumni, and fellow students who already have experience in the industry. It's very cool stuff. 

USACS Hacker Hour

Hacker hour, presented by USACS members every friday evening, lets students inform their classmates about APIs, Frameworks and popular cutting edge tools.  Rutgers CS is now placing new graduates at Google and other top tier companies because we provide the critical theoretical background they need with their coursework as well as exposure to these modern techniques and tools.  Hacker hour has become an indispensable part of the RU CS undergraduate experience and the USACS bunch is to be commended for this program.  Hacker Hour happens at the CAVE on Friday evenings at 6pm.  Come early, it gets crowded.


The CAVE is a staffed facility and is open for students from 1pm to 11pm on Monday through Thursday, 1pm to 6pm on Fridays and 3-11 on Sunday.  Always.


Friends of the CAVE

Visit Lori Dars and the entrepreneurial folks at CASTLE

Visit other unique collaborative spaces here at Rutgers




Every now and again people have kind words for the CAVE, check out the PR...

Manny & Sam



Tim & Shahan, both iLab Assistants, medaled at Hack RU 2014.

Contact Lars Sorensen at '' for weekend and morning scheduling information.