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Freespace File Systems

The Freespace File System is a non backed up and non quota local disk. This space is similar to the "/tmp" directories except that the Freespace directories always live on actual disks (so they should survive a machine reboot). Like "/tmp", the Freespace directories arenot backed up. If a user deletes a file by accident or a hardware failure occurs, the files on the freespace file system are lost.

This space is for temporary usage during the semester and is cleaned between the end and the beginning of the semester. No warning will be sent before cleanup. If you need warning, please use the /filer/tmp2 space instead.

The Freespace File System is located at /freespace/local/ mount point on a Faculty, Graduate, Undergraduate or iLab Domain Machine

The Graduate and iLab Domain Freespace File Systems can be accessed by the "/freespace/local" mount point.

Note: Not all machines have a Freespace File System.