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Mail Calendar and Other Services

Table of Content


Type of Mail Services

After completing email migration in August 2016, CS now uses University mail systems known as Rutgers Connect and ScarletMail as described below.

  1. Mail system for Faculty and Staff and University employee

    This system is based on Microsoft Office 365 system and is expected to be used as default email system for all university employee. You can access this using a web browser and any mail client supporting IMAP or Exchange protocol. For more info see Using Rutgers Connect page.  

    Rutgers Connect also comes with extra benefit such as 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, free license of Skype for Business and  free license of  Microsoft Office 2016  that can be installed on his/her office or personal computers.

    All new employee should activate Connect account when you get your NetID at website.


    1. University employees, e.g. TAs, Faculty, Staff, or anyone paid by Rutgers  are expected to use Rutgers Connect mail system for their work email.

    2. Use your Rutgers Connect account for your official Rutgers business is required.

    3. Forwarding your Connect email to other system is not allowed by policy. Doing so will result in you loosing your forwarded email. 

    4. We don't recommend users to move all user's existing mail from other location to Rutgers Connect as this account is temporary and may be closed as you lose your Faculty/Staff roles or when you leave Rutgers.  

    5. Extracting your email from this system is not easy. (See Leaving Rutgers section below for instruction)

    6.  All published papers email references should use addresses with email address (see Using Personalized Email Address section) instead of address to avoid these  issues after you no longer at Rutgers. 

    7. To avoid lost of email when you graduated from Rutgers, our recommendation is to use email address and not Using allows you to get better name as well as redirect the email to other destination when you graduated. (see Using Personalized Email Address section)

    8. Rutgers Connect by default requires you to use Microsoft Exchange protocol to read your email. If you must use IMAP/SMTP protocol to read your email, please send email to to request for activation.

    9. Rutgers Connect by default enabled "Safe" URL called Safelink in the email to protect end user from phishing email. To decode to  the original URL, you can copy/paste the link to a website: If a user would like this feature disabled, please send email with a justifiable reason to to request for one time change.  IMPORTANT: This service will be re-enabled if your NetID account is compromised for any reason and we will not have the ability to disable it again.

  2. Mail system for Students, Faculty and Staff
    This system is based on Google Mail (Gmail). This system is the default system for all Rutgers students. You can access it using a web browser at or any mail client supporting IMAP protocol. All Scarletmail users also get access to ScarletApps  with unlimited storage Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Docs,  and all other Google Apps. This account does not go away when you graduated or retired from Rutgers.

    IMPORTANT: Do not forward your Rutgers Connect email to your Scarletmail account. Doing so will cause you to loose email as well as violating policy.


    Using Personalized Email Address

    Your mail address will initially be (faculty/staff) or (students). Many people prefer to use an email address such as, or even Mail sent to will be forwarded to you at or, as applicable. You can add a "personalized" address such as, or change the address to which it is forwarded, using the Email portion of

    IMPORTANT: If you are paid by Rutgers, your personalized address will only forward to your existing Rutgers Connect account. This is enforced centrally.

    Leaving Rutgers -  IMPORTANT

    As a retiree or alumni, you are allowed to keep your Scarletmail account. Nothing needs to be done. If you don't have one, you should activate it before you retired via website. 

    If you were paid by Rutgers, you likely have email address on Rutgers Connect. This Rutgers Connect email account will go away and you must migrate your email elsewhere before the account is closed. Normally when you no longer have role in the university, OIT will send you a warning. Do not ignore this warning. You must migrate your email right away or risk losing it. See next section.

    When you have no role at CS department, your email address will be removed because it is meant to be used for official University business only. Our recommendation is to use your personalized (see above) address for your publication. This address is flexible because it can be directed to your scarletmail  or Rutgers Connect email during your time at Rutgers.


    Migrating Email Out of Rutgers Connect

    Here are a few options you can follow to migrate your email from Rutgers Connect. ​

    Note: This process takes a long time, requires repeats attempts if network connection fails in the middle of exports and requires specialized software. Please allow days if not weeks to get this completed. 

    Option 1:  Exporting Data from Rutgers Connect to ScarletMail (recommended by OIT)

    OIT has written a documentation on how to Export data from Rutgers Connect to Scarletmail

    Option 2: Exporting your data to your local storage.

    You can also follow instruction on how to Export or backup email, contacts, and calendar to an Outlook .pst file from Microsoft or follow more details instruction on Exporting Your Outlook PST File instruction.

    Option 3: Drag/Drop Using Mail client (recommended by OIT)

    -Using your existing mail client, configure your mail client to connect to both Rutgers Connect and your new mail server where you want to migrate your email to.
    -Once both connections are established, drag your old email to your new mail server folder by folder until you are finished.

    Option 4: Use imapsync. (for advanced users only and only if you still have your iLab access)
    If you are handy with Linux command lines and have access to imapsync software, follow the instructions at

    These instructions were used previously to migrate email to Rutgers Connect. You will need to reverse the process.

    Important: Don't forget to also migrate your OneDrive files.


    Spam and Phishing

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    • Anti-Spam Techniques 
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    Signing Your Email using Digital Certificate


    Calendar Related

    • CS now uses University calendar systems. Because they are integrated with the mail systems, see the Email and Calendar Setup for setting up your calendar software.