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Beginners Info

Table of Content

Introduction CS Resources

Intro to Linux

Introduction CS Resources

Intro to Linux

Linux Editors

Programming in Java

  • Learning Java Interactively has a nice interative Java learning tool that get you up to speed on Java language programming
  • Learn Java
    Codecademy has an excellent resource for you to learn Java  Programming very quickly
  • Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners
    Udemy has free course on learning to program in the Java programming language. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge, just a desire to learn to program.


Programming in Python

Programming in C

Programming in Assembly

Virtual Machines

Machine Learning

Deep Learning & Neural Network

Data Science

  • Instructional Hadoop Cluster 
    Introduction to programming with the Hadoop cluster. How to build jobs for Python, Java and Scala
  • Juypterhub 
    How to use Jupyter to work with Spark and the Hadoop cluster.


  • Equivalent Windows software in Linux 
    RU Lost? can't find your familiar Windows software in Linux? This table will show you equivalent Windows software that are available in Linux. It is available in 7 languages