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Thu D. Nguyen

Department Chair
(848) 445-7288
Hill 388
Research Area: 
Computer systems
Distributed and parallel systems
CS education

My research focuses on building efficient, scalable, and dependable computer systems.  More recently, I have also become actively engaged in research on improving and scaling CS education.  See my research lab's Web for more information on our research.

I completed my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington under the guidance of John Zahorjan.  I completed my M.S. and B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT and University of California, Berkeley, respectively.

Awards & Distinctions: 


Grant Awards: 
PI: Rebecca Wright | Co-PI: Thu D. Nguyen | Co-PI: Jane Stout (CRA), Elaine Zundl | National Science Foundation
07/01/2015 to 06/30/2017
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M. Babes-Vroman, I. Juniewicz, B. Lucarelli, N. Fox, G. Halderman, A. Mehta, R. Chokshi, T. D. Nguyen, A. Tjang.  

March, 2017

I. Manousakis, S. Sankar, G. McKnight, T. D. Nguyen, R. Bianchini.

February, 2016
  • Best paper award
Student, PostDocs, & Visitors: 

Current Students:

  • Guangyan Hu
  • William Katsak
  • Ioannis Manousakis (Co-advised by Ricardo Bianchini)
  • Abu Awal Md Shoeb
  • Daniela Vianna (Co-advised by Amelie Marian)

Students Graduated:

  • Md Ehtesamul Haque (PhD, 2016, Co-advised by Ricardo Bianchini): Google.
  • Cheng Li (PhD, 2015, Co-advised by Ricardo Bianchini): VMWare.
  • Andrew Tjang (PhD, 2014): Rutgers University.
  • Kien Le (PhD, 2012, Co-advised by Ricardo Bianchini): A10 Networks.
  • Wei Wang (PhD, 2010, Co-advised by Amelie Marian): Electronic Arts.
  • Christopher Peery (PhD, 2009): Amazon.
  • Kiran Nagaraja (PhD, 2005): Apple.
  • Tuan Phan (MS, 2005): EBay.
  • Francisco Matias Cuenca-Acuna (PhD, 2004): Intel Argentina Software Design Center.
  • Zhijun He (MS, 2004)
  • Samian Kaur (MS, 2001)

Research Projects

Parasol is a green micro-datacenter partially powered by solar energy and partially cooled by "...