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Managing Your Users and Groups on CS Computer Systems

Created August 15, 2017 by Hanz Makmur

Historically, whenever faculty/staff would like to create a group for filesharing purpose or request an account on CS computer system for a guest, one has to contact LCSR System Staff. Beginning in the Fall 2017, authorized faculty/staff can create a group and give users access to CS computer system without LCSR systems staff.  This document shows you how to manage your users and group.

To start managing your users and groups simply go to You need to login with your NetID and CS Password. Once login, you will be presented with the following screen.

1. Creating a Group

To create a new group:

a. Enter a group name. Please name your group accordingly. Preferably something with your netid or groups or class name. Example: darkpanic, cs217-summer17, cs314-f17-borgida etc. In this document we will use cs211-summer17.

b. Click on the check box that applies. In this case, we want to be able to allow guests to be members of the group.

b. click on Submit button.  Once a group is created, a new screen is presented as follow

2. Deleting a group. 
To delete a group, you can just click the red X  icon to delete the group.

3. Adding Members to a group
To add members of the group,

a.  click on the name of the group and a window below will open.

b. Enter the NetIDs (User name) of the persons you want to be a member of the group. If you don't know the user's NetID (user name), you can do a lookup by clicking on Lookup user link.  Continue on the next section where you can add another owner to the your group if you choose to as shown below. 

IMPORTANT: only people with university NetID can be added to this system. If the user do not have a NetID, you will need to sponsor and request a NetID for your guest.

4. Adding Owners

if you would like to share ownership of the group with another person. you can assign another owner here. The person you added here will have ability to add/remove and change members of the group as well as assign login ability of its member.  

In this example we will not add another owner and leave this field blank and continue to the Login ability section as shown below.

5. Adding where members can login (Login ability)

The final step is to assign which cluster you would like the members to be able to login to. In this example we want member of this group to be able to login to an iLab cluster. To do so, 

a. Click on  iLab check box to allowing members of this group to login to the iLab cluster.

b. Verify all your entries and when done, click the Submit button. Once completed, your will be presented with the following screen showing you information of your new group.

c. At this time you can continue make changes or simply close the window.

6. Inform members of your group.

After you finish with the group management page, don't forget to notify members of the group what access you just gave them. If newly add member never had a CS account before, s/he will need to set CS Password at  

For more introduction informaton, please refers to your guests the following info:
 Getting Started with Technical Resource at Department of Computer Science
- Introduction to Computer Science Resources

As always, please direct Questions and Problems to