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Konstantinos Michmizos wins the BHI Award on "Computational Astrocyence"

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Konstantinos Michmizos wins the Rutgers Brain Health Institute Grant Award for the proposal entitled "Computational Astrocyence."

This Award is in collaboration with leaders in experimental neuroscience: Cheryl Dreyfus, Zhiping Pang (Rutgers Medical School), and Bonnie Firestein (SAS Cell Biology and Neuroscience.)

The Award will allow Konstantinos to further expand his Lab's research on Neural - Astrocytic Networks by combining his computational modeling with experimental studies, providing an opportunity for a push-pull dynamic between the two aspects. 

The anticipated new knowledge on astrocyte-neuron interaction will advance both computational and brain studies, including studies on brain treatments.

The $40,000/year Grant aligns with ComBra Lab's ongoing efforts to shake the "neurocomputing" dogma, where "brain = neurons", and introduce algorithms employing an abundant yet long-neglected brain cell, astrocytes, with unique computational capabilities.

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