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Bekris awarded NASA early career grant.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Congratulations to Prof. Kostas Bekris, whose proposal titled “Robust Planning for Dynamic Tensegrity Structures” to the NASA Early Career Faculty program has been funded. The grant provides $600K support over a period of 3 years starting this October. Tensegrity is an exciting concept pursued by NASA as a potential planetary exploration platform. The link below shows a video showing the robot developed at NASA Ames from their collaborator, Dr. Vytas SunSpiral, based on tensegrity principles:Prof. Bekris’ project will develop path planning algorithms for such platforms, which reason about the underlying dynamics and contacts with planetary surfaces. This is a direction that he has already been pursuing with his Ph.D. student, Zakary Littlefield, who is a NASA fellow and is interning at NASA Ames.]]>