• Vinod Ganapathy

Prof. Vinod Ganapathy delivered the Prof. R. Narasimhan Memorial Lecture at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in Mumbai, India, on December 17th. This lecture was the third in the annual lecture series organized by TIFR and sponsored by the TIFR endowment fund. The annual lecture series is organized in memory of Prof. R. Narasimhan (1926-2007), a former faculty member at TIFR who, between 1954 and 1960, lead a team that designed and implemented the TIFR Automatic Calculator (TIFRAC), India’s first digital computer. 

The lecturer, selected by a committee at TIFR, is an individual under the age of 40 with a degree from an Indian institution, active in areas related to Prof. Narasimhan’s research. Further details on this lecture series may be found here: http://www.tifr.res.in/~endowment/prof-r-narasimhan-lecture-award.htm

The topic of Vinod Ganapathy’s lecture was self-service cloud computing, a new security architecture for public cloud computing platforms. An abstract of the lecture may be found here: http://www.tifr.res.in/~endowment/2015prof-r-narasimhan-lecture-award.htm

Vinod also delivered the same lecture as an invited keynote at ICISS’15, the 11th International Conference on Information Systems Security, held from December 17th-20th in Kolkata, India.